CSS change font: how to work with fonts in CSS?

In this article we will talk about how to work and change fonts to CSS for HTML documents.

Let’s start with the font properties. In developing methods of dealing with fonts, the experts of the CSS specification had two important goals. Namely, to give programmers the ability to attach text files appearance matching typographic standards and allow all to do it the simplest way.

Change font css

When creating a website are faced with the problem of installing fonts and changing them. It is often necessary to use non-standard fonts and even characters. And here, you download the original font, and start to impose the page, but do not forget that far in all browsers users it can be installed and maintained. As a result, the submitted text content on the page is displayed in the incorrect form or absent. What to do in this situation? Everything is simple and will help this modern CSS technologies.

Priority fonts

To define the priority of the fonts, the font-family property. If the first in the list the font will not be displayed by the user’s browser, then automatically loaded the second list, etc. in other words, in a table, you first set the preferred font, and then the ones that are most popular and widespread.

Change font size

The font sizes are set using properties of the font-size. To specify the size normally used pixels and percentages. Don’t forget that these dimensions give different values for the font.

Change font weight

The font-weight property allows you to adjust the font weight, ie to set its width and other parameters. The font may be bold and normal.

How work with text in css?

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