CSS group selectors: How the identification and grouping of elements in CSS?

Sometimes, you need to set the style for certain elements on the page of the created template. To do this, in CSS, use the class attribute. With it, you can group the required items and set them in the same style.

We note that for the grouping of documents is also often used the span element. It is a neutral document that will not be able to add anything to the element itself, but its use will help to add visual features to specific parts of the text on the page.

Also, in order to change the view content to group one or more block elements are div. The main difference of its use is that the content of the tag always starts with a new line and it always adds a line break.

To identify elements in CSS, use the id attribute, which allows you to set the style to one specific element or specific group of elements. From the name of the HTML element, the value attribute off by using the # symbol. Now let’s define when it is better to use the class attribute, and when id.

The answer is quite simple. If you need to change the design for a certain group of elements, group them, you must use classes if you want to set the value of one specific element, it’s better to do with id.

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