CSS link color

The question of how to change or set the link color in HTML, is raised by many.

It should be noted that using HTML you can set the color of all links on the page, and change the color of each individual link. Specifies the color for links with attributes to the <body> tag. The attributes are not mandatory, however, if they are not prescribed, the values are set by default.

Three major attribute to the color of the links

There are three main attribute — link, alink and vlink. Link defines the color gamut of the links on the page, default color is set to blue (#0000FF). Alink reveals the color of activity links. Simply put, when you tap on it click, it changes colors. The default blue link color css changes to red (#FF0000). Vlink – specifies the color of previously visited links. By default, the color purple (#800080).

We note that in the code HTML colors are usually defined in hexadecimal code, in the form #rrggbb (where r, b and g denote red, blue and green components). In addition, for each color specifies a hexadecimal value between 00 to FF, which in decimal terms, corresponds to the range from 0 to 255. Then all these values are combined into one number before which you must put the #character.

In order to color links to make it easier to ask the professionals recommend the use of CSS. Here, in order to set the color of html link pseudo-classes are used, the value of which is specified by the selector.

Example single css color links:

<span style=”color: #0000ff;”><a style=”color: #0000ff;” href=”http://site.com“>link text</a></span>
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