What is the website footer? Footer html

The footer or basement is part of the content, which is at the bottom of the page. The content within this unit is the most important, but it is quite informative for users is extremely useful. Write the footer, as a rule, in CSS or HTML.

What is called the footer on the website?

Encoding of footer

Footer located at the bottom of the web page and coded using the relevant CSS tags <footer> or #footer. He uses the same encoding as the sections Header or the Content. The basement is frequently encoded with the same width as the Content section, but the height can vary depending on your preferences. The footer may be encoded as static, displayed on all web pages, or it can change depending on the page.

The content of the footer

The content located in the footer of the website, often has technical information. What is the footer on the website?

This information is copyright of the site, the name of the author of the website, company name and address, and the date of the last update. Some of the footers include links to other pages, email, or a link to RSS.

The design of the footer

What is the footer clear, but what he should have on the website? The design of the footer should be combined with the rest of the site design to complement it.

You need to use the same fonts, color schemes and graphics. The footer may be formatted in a single line of text on the whole page width, and can be divided into sections.

Some companies use the footer of your site to display additional product images or promotions. The basement can contain media content, links to social networks or interactive content, for example, surveys.

The value of the footer

The basement is one of the important sections of the website for two reasons. First, it displays technical information, which should always be in front of users and buyers. The site author has the right to determine the type of content that will be provided in the basement, considering the type and features of the web resource.

Second, the footer is the final element that would logically complete the final design of the website.

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