How to edit wordpress theme

A WordPress template is the design for the corresponding control system with a special theme for site customization. This is a fully ready HTML code, with typeset pages. The decision can be actively used to create and configure sites of different subjects.

How to open WordPress template?

I want to say that if you don’t understand anything about codes, CSS, and HTML, it is better not to try to do anything. Your sample template editing can cause no functionality of the site. Quite another if some kind of lesson clearly specified actions and milestones, where it says where to copy and where to paste. However, post requires and make a backup data (the backup), so that at any time to restore the site in its original form.

How to change WordPress templates?

WordPress template editing is carried out in several ways. Each of them has its own characteristics and is suitable for implementation of any changes. Decide what you plan to edit the template and find a convenient way of implementing this idea. I propose to consider them all.

How to edit WordPress template

  1. Open the admin area of WordPress.
  2. Next, select Appearance – Theme Editor.
  3. In the right column are all template files that can be edited. Choose the file, change it and click Update.

how to edit wordpress theme

This method is useful if you need to make small changes. Editable through admin area — quick, easy, and not have to run special programs with entering passwords. Of the shortcomings-only — the editor there is line numbering and highlighting code, because complex and numerous editing will make uncomfortable.

Edit the file using your file Manager of hosting

Having a good hosting with a great file Manager and its user-friendly interface, you can edit the template in it. This method also does not require start additional software, configure connection and copy information to PC. And most importantly, highlighted code.

how to edit wordpress theme

Files WordPress template that is being edited is placed in the folder: /wp-content/themes/nathanaelagreene/. Open it and looking for the necessary to edit the file.

Editing themes on the ftp

Expect a big change in your template then use this method. Edit the theme via ftp should be used to work with several files located in different folders:

  • Run your client ftp. You can use Total Commander or FileZilla to connect client ftp. Check the connection to your site and open the folder of your theme: /wp-content/themes/nathanaelagreene/
  • The file that you want to edit, copy on the local disk.
  • Open this file in the program editor code and can make all the changes you need.

Than edit the WordPress template?

It would be better if the testing site was installed locally. This will allow risk-free to make changes and fully edited to carry on hosting. To edit files I suggest to use free Notepad++ editor with syntax highlighting. With it you can easily dig simultaneously in all the theme files.

how to edit wordpress theme

In the menu, specify the folder you want to search or function, or word, or tag, and Notepad++ will show the files which have similar occurrences. And then choose the file you want and change it. Thanks to the available technology, and the proof will be easier.

how to edit wordpress theme


As mentioned in an earlier post, if you are not confident in their abilities and confident in the success of further editing, it’s better for it not to take. But, knowing what to do, you can safely get to work.

Decide what kind of difficulty will be the modernization of the topic and determine the most convenient method of editing. But, just in case, make a backup, so as not to lose the work screen at all. If unsuccessful editing, you can restore all the data and run the theme to the work in its original form.

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