How to work CSS?

When creating pages make it much easier using CSS. The use of CSS will help you to significantly reduce the amount of code on the pages, moving its design from HTML to CSS. I would also like to note that many of the properties used in CSS are similar to those that exist in HTML.

And now a little more. In General, the CSS consists of a selector, values and properties. The first uses of the tags by type of body, R, in the properties you specify indentation and other formatting parameters, and the value specifies the properties the design of the background and text sizes.

In General there are three methods of applying CSS to an HTML document. The first is a method Inline. In this case all commands are sent using the “style” attribute in HTML code. For example, in order to register teams of CSS design in the tag “table” prescribed “style” attribute: “table style=”background-color: #0ba816; font-size: 15px; color=”#FFFFFF””.

The second method is Internal. When using it choose the HTML tag “style” and closing “/style”, and between them write all the necessary CSS code. For example, “style type=”text/css””body {background-color: #FF0000;}”/style”.

The most common and simple method is the third External method. Here we use external CSS file, which creates a link from the HTML page. This is the most popular and simple way to significantly reduce the amount of HTML code.

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