The background color of the html page

Background color is one of the important elements of any web page. The main task of the background — forming the user’s mood and draw attention, make perception of the information on the website convenient and easy.The attributes of the background for the web pages, the <body> tag and bgcolor.

Change the background color and font in the HTML code of the website

In this article we will talk about how to change their own font color and background in HTML, i.e. on the page. The easiest way to do this using CSS.

The first thing you need to remember the colors in CSS are specified as in HTML. And if more, then you can specify them in hexadecimal value, for example #ff3355 and specify a color name (red, blue, green, etc.).

Now let’s look at more properties. You should start with a color property, which sets the foreground color or foreground color of any element. For example, if you want to set blue color for the text form of the entry will be <span style=”color: blue”>text decoration </span>.

There is also a background-color attribute, which is responsible for the background settings. It can be used to change the background color. For example, if you want to set the text background is red, the entry form will be <span style=”background-color: red”>text decoration </span>.

To insert a background image for the element, the background-image property. If both of the element to set the background color, then will not show up until the background image failed to boot completely.

To set the start position for the background image, the property background-position. The property has two values, the position can be both horizontally and vertically. In addition, the position can be specified in percentage, pixels, and other convenient units.

Example change html background color themes

In css file your themes find line background color which block you need and change color code:


html background color

Example change html background color text

<span style=”color: blue”>text decoration </span>    =    text decoration

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