What is Bootstrap?

Bootstrap is a giant collection of handy, reusable bits of code, written in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. And also:

  1. Adaptive grid system.
  2. Adaptive image.
  3. A large number of components.
  4. Plugins JavaScript.
  5. Detailed documentation.
  6. Community.
  7. A large assortment of ready-made templates.

How to use Bootstrap?

Bootstrap saves you from writing large amounts of CSS code, which gives more time to developing web pages. And most importantly, it’s free!

What is Bootstrap already clear, but why use it? What’s so special about Bootstrap has to offer. Everything should be in order.

  1. Adaptive grid system.

No longer have to spend hours coding your own grid — Bootstrap comes with its own mesh! Can fill in all the blocks in your content.

  1. Adaptive image.

Bootstrap comes with its own code to automatically resize images based on the current screen size. Just add the class .img-responsive to your images, and CSS takes care of the rest.

  1. A large number of components.

Bootstrap comes with a huge number of components that you can easily use on your site.

  1. Plugins JavaScript.

Still not enough features? Try JQuery!

Bootstrap also allows developers to use more than a dozen custom JQuery plugins. JQuery gives you even more opportunities for online interaction, offering simple solutions for pop up Windows, image carousels. In addition, the scrollspy plugin that automatically updates the navigation bar when scroll the page.

  1. Detailed documentation.

In the documentation of Bootstrap each code snippet is described and explained in detail. The explanations also include sample code for the underlying implementation, allowing to understand the specifics of configuration and operation of a newbie. All you need to do is to select a component, copy it, paste the code to your page and configure.

  1. Community.

As with many projects open source, the Bootstrap is a great community. Being hosted in GitHub, the developers to easily modify and make updates in the code base Bootstrap, which makes it easier for users to work with this platform.

  1. A large assortment of ready-made templates.

As the popularity of Bootstrap, web developers have started to create templates based on it, to further accelerate the process of creating a website on this platform. Now the Internet presents a huge number of already prepared for the installation of templates design and all the necessary functionality.

As a result, you will only need to choose a suitable template, download it, install, and configure, given the vision and features of the scope.

Examples of ready-made Bootstrap templates:

Multifunctional template Intense

The pattern on agriculture

Pattern on drinks and food

Starbis — a versatile HTML template for businesssa

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