How to make a website template? 7 Step

Create template for a site will those users who know HTML and CSS. In order to make the template you need to:

1. To define the theme.

2. To select a color scheme.

3. Choose the type of navigation bar.

4. Consider the layout of all pages.

5. Create a home page in HTML.

6. To create a CSS style sheet.

7. To duplicate the existing HTML page.

8. Mark up the layout.

How to make a website template — a step by step guide.

1 step.Determine the theme of your future site.

There are dozens of different types of websites you can create making your own template.

2 step. Pick the right color scheme.

Try using bright and flashy colors, e.g., blue, purple or orange. You can pick colors for the pattern, considering the theme of the future site or the design of your brand.

3 step. Choose which navigation bar you want to use. Make sure it has all the basic pages, a must for any website. For example, home, feedback, contacts, etc.

4 step. Consider the layout of all future pages.

Determine which content, images and functionality you will need for each of them.

5 step. Create master page in HTML.

You can also create it using designer Google sites.

6 step. Create a stylesheet in CSS.

7 step. Duplicate an existing HTML page to other pages and add the content to each of them.

Well and further already a trick. It remains to impose all the created pages in a single layout or template on which you can run the website.

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