The best MMA fighters

The world of mixed martial arts is very unusual and rapidly developing, attracting more and more new fans. There were many fighters who quickly rose in the ranking, taking titles in record time, there were also falls. No one knows what the rating will be in 5 years, but at the moment we can distinguish the 10 best fighters in the history of MMA.

Fedor Emelianenko


Fights: 42 / Wins: 37 / Losses: 5

The Russian hero – Fedor Emelianenko-is on the first line of the rating. A fighter who prefers throwing style, as he is a master of sports of international class in judo and Sambo. “The last Emperor” has many awards, performed in very famous MMA tournaments. In addition, he became the world champion in mixed martial arts four times and won the title of Russian champion in combat Sambo nine times. Also, he was recognized as the best heavyweight in the world of mixed martial arts. Had quite a long series of fights without defeats lasting almost 10 years. During his MMA career, he had 42 fights. He won 37 times and lost 5 times.

Dan Henderson


Fights: 46 / Wins: 32 / Losses: 14

The second line honourably takes Dan Henderson, nicknamed “Hollywood”. A fighter who works very well in the stalls prefers the style of Greco-Roman wrestling. He competed in the heavyweight and light heavyweight divisions. An athlete who has won a huge number of titles. Became the MMA champion in Brazil, became a two-time champion of the Pride organization in the Middleweight and Welterweight classes. He also became the Strikeforce organization champion three times. And one of his most important awards is his UFC title. “Hendo” still continues his career and has only held 46 fights so far. Won-32, and lost only 14.

Igor Vovchanchin


Fights: 87 / Wins: 76 / Losses: 10 / Draws: 1

In third place was a professional fighter Igor Vovchanchin. Master of sports in Boxing and kick Boxing. He competed in the heavyweight and light heavyweight divisions. “Cold-blooded” won the world kickboxing title in 1993. He was also a finalist in many European tournaments and a winner of numerous Ukrainian combat tournaments. In addition, Vovchanichin performed in the famous organization Pride. During his entire career in MMA, he had 87 fights. In 76, he came out of the octagon as the winner, but lost only 10 and one fight ended in a draw.

Anderson Silva


Fights: 42 / Wins: 34 / Losses: 8

Of course, this top could not do without a black Brazilian “Spider” – Anderson Silva. An almost invincible fighter from the UFC organization who works incredibly well in both directions of fighting. Set a record for title defenses in the organization (10), as well as the longest streak of fights without defeats (16). He became a Middleweight champion and is considered one of the greatest fighters in the history of MMA. During his legendary career, he held 42 fights and won 34 of them, and lost 8. One fight did not take place due to failed doping tests.

Chuck Liddell

Chuck Liddell

Fights: 29 / Wins: 21 / Losses: 8

Brutal American kickboxer Chuck Liddell is ranked sixth. A fairly strong fighter from the United States performed in the light heavyweight division, and quite successfully. Became the world champion in MMA and won the championship title in the Pride fighting organization. I spent my entire career in 29 fights, including: won – 21, lost – 8.

Matt Hughes

Matt Hughes

Fights: 54 / Wins: 45 / Losses: 9

This rating could not remain without such a fighter as Matt Hughes. The American wrestler has quite successfully spent his career in MMA, starting from his University years. And once in the professional world of MMA, he began to perform in the Welterweight division, where he won the championship title in the most famous fighting organization, and twice. For his achievements, he was inducted into the United Fighting Championship Hall of Fame. He came out of the octagon victorious in 45 fights and lost only 9.

Georges Saint-Pierre

Georges Saint-Pierre

Fights: 28 / Wins: 26 / Losses: 2

The seventh place is taken by the sturdy Georges Saint-Pierre. The canadian fighter is considered one of the best fighters in the history of the UFC and MMA in General. More than once recognized as the best canadian athlete for his achievements. A very diverse fighter who works well both in the stand and in the stalls (a Black belt in Brazilian JIU-Jitsu). He has the UFC Welterweight title under his belt. He successfully held 28 fights in the octagon, of which he won 26 and lost only 2.

Randy Couture

Randy Couture

Fights: 30 / Wins: 19 / Losses: 11

On the eighth line is the athlete Randy “Captain America” Couture. He was a master of sports in Greco-Roman wrestling, so he worked well in the stalls. The American heavyweight won the title at 33 years old, defeating Maurice Smith in a title fight. He was also a light heavyweight champion. And during his entire fighting career, he was a five-time UFC champion. In the octagon held 30 fights, in 19 of which he won, and lost 11.

John Jones

John Jones

Fights: 23 / Wins: 22 / Losses: 1

Black American fighter from the United Fighting Championship (UFC) organization. Performs in the light heavyweight division, having a huge Arsenal of techniques. A fighter who is perfect in almost all aspects of combat. Before his arrest, he headed the list of “pound-for-pound ” fighters. And one of his greatest achievements: he became the youngest fighter in the UFC organization after receiving the light heavyweight championship belt. At that time, he was only 23 years old. But because of the arrest, the belt was taken away. In 2015, after serving his sentence, he returned to MMA, where he won his first fight after returning to the octagon. During his young career, he had 23 fights, won 22, and lost just one. He also won the title of world champion in Thai Boxing.

Bass Rutten

Bass Rutten

Fights: 36 / Wins: 32 / Losses: 4

Closes the list of the best MMA fighters Dutch kickboxer (also had a black belt in Taekwondo) named “handsome” – Bas Rutten. This fighter distinguished himself by becoming the champion of the most famous organization in mixed martial arts UFC in the heavyweight division. He also had two championship belts in the Pancrase organization. The Dutch Amateur to beat the liver is also known for making a very long series of victories in MMA (21). Rutten now works as a commentator for Pride and Strikeforce sports organizations. During his entire career in MMA, he held 36 fights, of which 32 won, and 4 lost.

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