10 best plugins for pagination on WordPress

WordPress is very versatile platform for blogging, and through plugins it can be made even more user friendly.

This applies to page-by-page navigation (pagination) pages, which initially is not on WordPress. But it is easy to fix by going for your website one of the 10 best plugins.

1. WP-PageNavi

One of the most popular and frequently used plug-ins. With the help of built-in function wp_pagenavi() the usual links ← Back | Next → attractive changes to the page numbering.

2. WP Smart Pagination

Another useful plugin that has a very handy feature. You can go to the desired page by typing its number in the additional window.

3. Simple Pagination

One of the best and most simple plugin, which you can use to install additional pagination for posts and comments, greatly simplifying navigation on your WordPress site.

4. Alphabetic Pagination

With this plugin you can do filter the posts and pages alphabetically. It is easy not only to install but also to use.

5. jPages pagination for WordPress

This is one of the best plugins to create the pagination of the gallery pages, comments, etc. With it, the galleries become a gallery with pagination.

6. Paginate

This plugin allows you to create pagination of pages in accordance with your requirements. It is possible to increase the numbering on one page, choose the number of units to display. Default number can be 10.

7. Next Post Fly Box For WordPress

One of the best plugin that creates navigation between next and previous post in the form of a pop-up box on the left or right of the window. When the user scralet the page, a pop-up box where you can select the next or previous record.

8. JQuery Paginator Plugin

The plugin allows you to choose between 3 types of pagination, if you set the appropriate option. This is one of the most attractive plugins for pagination.

9. Smart Pagination

Great plug-in, which offers 11 different options for pagination.

Bonus. CSS styles for WP-PageNavi plugin

Great collection of CSS styles for popular plugins for WordPress — WP-PageNavi and WP-Paginate. Includes HTML pages demonstrating the styles, and each style contains a separate CSS file.

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