10 WordPress plugins that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning

You want to use artificial intelligence technology (AI) and machine learning on your WordPress site? In this article we will share some WordPress plugins that use AI and machine learning. They will add intelligent functions to your site.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning is a computer technology that are used for more intelligent solutions in computing devices, apps, GPS devices, smart TVs, home appliances, etc.

Artificial intelligence gives the possibility of computer programs to make a choice without the participation of the human intellect.

Machine learning helps the program to learn from experience, the data and the behavior of users to improve artificial intelligence and to make the best choice.

These technologies enable developers to automate tasks that normally require human intelligence. For example, voice recognition, templates, search, translation, image recognition and so on. Currently, they are used by most modern mobile phones and smart devices.

That can make artificial intelligence for web sites WordPress

It can provide users a more intelligent and comfortable user experience. For example, to improve search, checking for grammar and style, show associated content, improve conversions, increase sales ecommerce, and more.

Your website becomes smarter, faster and more personalized for your users. This saves time, allowing you to focus on other important tasks.

WordPress plugins that use AI and machine learning

1. Akismet

Akismet is one of two plugins that are installed by default on every WordPress website. It uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to detect spam comments.

Sites used by millions, Akismet for many years improves the detection of almost all spam sent by bots. It can detect spam in comments written manually by real users, by examining errors and pattern recognition on millions of websites.

2. WordLift

WordLift integrates its web service into your WordPress site. He offers SEO tips to improve content through knowledge graph.

The plugin analyzes your content and offers facts, figures and the media to create contextual relationships between your articles. This leads to improved content. It creates knowledge graph for your site that becomes more “intelligent” when you add more content to the site.

3. After The Deadline

After The Deadline was earlier available as a standalone WordPress plugin, but it is now available as part of JetPack plugin. It is a tool of grammar checking based on artificial intelligence that analyzes the readability of your content. This will help you to write better and more competent.

It supports American, British and canadian English with limited support grammars for French and German languages. It is also available as an extension to Google Chrome addon as an alternative to the JetPack module.

4. Google Language Translator

If you want users to easily translate your website content, without creating a multilingual WordPress website, Google Language Translator is the easiest way to do it. It adds Google’s AI and transfer mechanism for machine learning on your website.

You can just select the languages you want to display on the website. Then you can add translator to your website using widget or sidebar shortcode.

5. MyCurator Content Curation

MyCurator – service cloud-based content. Allows you to add an aggregator of content, with artificial intelligence that will display the content corresponding to the selected topics, and improve results, learning what you add.

You can create a curatorial section of content on its web site, removing the best piece of content relevant to your audience. You can also add any article that you like on your website with an excerpt and link to the original source.

6. WatsonFinds

WatsonFinds uses cognitive artificial intelligence IBM Watson to analyze the emotional impact of your content. This will help you to learn how to improve user interaction, adjusting the value of emotional content.

Once activated, the plugin adds an icon to your WatsonFinds the editor of WordPress. Clicking on it will open a popup window with the emotional expense of your content. Based on your chosen words and the overall context of the data, the plugin will show you how your content can be perceived by the readers.

7. Quttera Web Malware Scanner

Quttera Web Malware Scanner allows you to scan your WordPress site for malicious code. This is especially useful if you suspect your site has been hacked or blacklisted by search engines.

The plugin uses artificial intelligence to study false positives and improve the results of the scan on the basis of its use.This is useful when scanning your web site, but does not protect your website from the effects of malicious users.

8. Live Chat – 24/7

Live Chat-24/7 provides a virtual bot chat, AI is connected to for your web site. If you can’t afford to add chat support to your website, the bot can perform basic tasks, coordinating your users in the right direction.

You will need to register a free account at the website of the plugin. After that, he will begin to learn how you will ispolzovat. You can also teach him what to say and how to answer user queries. This can be useful in order to users stay on your website and received answers to their queries.

9. Related Posts for WordPress by Bibblio

As the name implies, Related Posts for WordPress from Bibblio is a plug – in associated with other plugins using artificial intelligence. He learns from user activity on your web site to improve similar record of your web-site. You can display related posts under the content in the sidebar or using the short code.

It can be used up to 500 pages. If you have more content you need a monthly plan. You will also need to create a free account to use the plugin.

10. Recomendo

Recomendo is another mechanism recommendations based on artificial intelligence with the possibilities of machine learning. It can display related content anywhere in your website. Recommendations improved depending on how your users interact with them.

It is compatible with mulitlingual sites using WPML and online stores using WooCommerce. This means that it can show related products to users based on what they’ve seen on your website.

We hope that this article has helped you to learn something new about WordPress plugins that use AI and machine learning.

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