15 useful plugins for authorization on your WordPress website

Many of us do not think about the entry system on your own website. And maybe this is not necessary. But if you develop sites for others or users register on your site with a particular goal, then the registration form to log on to the website you should pay a little more attention.

Perhaps not all users can immediately find the login button on the website. Or lost, when you find yourself on the platform of WordPress, ever heard about it. And they immediately the question arises “What is WordPress? Where am I?”. Or, if they are, then you may be desire, that they passed not on the toolbar, and on any other page.

We have collected 15 plugins to solve any of these problems.

1. Custom Login

With this plugin you can customize the appearance of the login page to the site, and not only the login form. Add background images, logos, change colors, and so on.

If you are looking for a way to only change the logo of WordPress on your own website and you don’t need other functions that are available, for example, in the above-mentioned plug-in a Custom Login, then use the Uber Login Logo plugin. Its functionality is very simple. You upload the picture, and it immediately appears on the website. You don’t even need to press the usual “post”button.

3. Login-Logout

This plugin replaces the default meta widget on the widget entrance/exit. It is also possible to choose to which page the user sees after entering the site or exiting the system.

4. Sidebar Login Widget

Plugin Sidebar Login Widget with the above mentioned Login-Logout allows you to place the login widget in the sidebar of the website. But it differs from it with your own options. So with it still adjusted the display of the avatars, the function “Remember me on this site” links on the toolbar, profile page, registration and password recovery.

5. Tabbed Login

This plugin also provides a widget in the sidebar and tabs for login forms on the website. One of them is responsible for the entry, the second table for registering, and the last allows you to get in the mail if you forgot your password.

6. Social Login

The plugin allows your site visitors to register or leave comments using their social media accounts. Their list is quite broad, so the probability that any of these users register on your site, is still there.

7. Login LockDown

The plugin Login LockDown keeps track of IP addresses of users (or bots) that have failed to correctly log on to your website. After several failed attempts, he limits the possibility of entrance to the site from these addresses for a while.

8. WP Sliding Login

This plugin provides the panel with a form for registration which is lowered from the top down on your website by clicking on the tab.

9. Peter’s Login Redirect

A few plugins from this list allow you to redirect the user to desired page after login or logout. If you only want this functionality, use the plugin Peter’s Login Redirect.

10. Rename wp-login.php

With the help of this plugin you can rename the file wp-login.php. This is important because spam bots are looking for it, while people, respectively, go to the website links. This plugin will help you to protect your site from spam.

11. Login Security Solution

This plugin will ensure the safety of your website. It tracks IP addresses, user names and passwords, and detects failed login attempts on a website and compares the entered data with the previous unsuccessful attempts to log on to the website. It also provides a complex and secure password that users can enter after some time.

12. Login Dongle

With this plugin you can add a secret code word at check-in.

13. Simple Login Log

This plugin helps to keep track of the usernames of all users, user names, time of their registration on the website, IP address and what browser they use.

14. Admin Bar Login

The plugin displays admin bar even for unregistered users and offers fields for registration.

15. Login Widget With Shortcode

The plugin is included in this list not because it allows you to place the widget to log on to the website. This feature exists in other of the above-mentioned plugins. The feature of this plugin is that it can be used to add the shortcode in the “Entry” or “Page”. Thus, the form for registration can be placed wherever you like.

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