5 mistakes that will destroy your business WordPress plugin

We all know that WordPress plugins with bugs or problems, tech support our business for the creation and distribution of plugins may be affected. But there are more minor errors, which will lead to the collapse of your business venture.

This article is the result of 15 interviews with the most successful companies in the world of WordPress.

Error 1: free and unlimited technical support

If you have a free, freemium or even premium plugin, the greatest mistake will be to provide users with free and unlimited support for the entire life of the plugin.

We have already seen this in our work, this also applies to some popular plugins that we use. Many companies that initially offer free unlimited support to quickly abandon this idea because it drains the energy and resources.

Adam Warner of FooPlugins said:

One of the challenges in the business of the plugins, especially when you are creating free and paid product is meeting the expectations of your users.

We provide technical support for free plugins, but the priority will be the maintenance of premium plugins.

We usually draw up a schedule and a couple of times a week go to the free forum support. We do everything in our power to help, but without compromising our work.

To solve this problem, they provide premium support even for free plugins. This enables users to receive high-quality service, and developers do not stay without profit.

Error 2: an Attempt to cover several niches

Robert Abela from WP White Security have noticed that most plugin developers have lots of ideas for new plugins. The main thing – to have a vacant niche and create all the plugins for it.

A niche can be vertical for a group of people, for example, photographers, and horizontal – for your specific field, for example, security. Both niches have their pros and cons. Vertical niches are easier to sell as all one type of product, you can quickly learn the requirements and create a plugin that satisfies them. Horizontal niche to reach a larger audience.

For example, Pippin’s Plugins focus on selling media files, PluginResults – to protect the content ManageWP – on site maintenance, FooPlugins – on the photographers and the agencies working with them, Yoast – for optimizing sites. The list goes on and on. But obviously all these companies are focused on some niche.

Without the specific niches you will just wasting your new designs and technical support. Also you will not be able to sell new products to the existing customer base because they are too different, and not every plug will fit all your customers.

Error 3: Sophisticated user interface

The mistake people make very often. They make the plugin interface is too tricky.

You have to create a simple and easy-to-use product, do not forget about it. If you create a plugin for users, not developers, it is sure to become popular.

User experience is the most important thing and if you focus on providing quality user interface, your plug-in without a doubt will get in the top. So let the interface of your plugin is simple, without unnecessary options that only complicate the work for you and users.

Error 4: You sell only one complex plugin

A big mistake can become one massive plugin, instead of the basic version, with multiple additions. You can receive profit from your work, and the custom websites will work slower due to too many functions.

Of course, there are pluses and minuses in the system Addons, but the most successful companies in the development and sale of plugins use it. For example, there are over 35 MainWP extensions that allow users to integrate the plugin with other tools, or to use additional functions. WP White Security also follows this model with many extensions.

A great example is also WooCommercewhere there is a free plugin and a huge number of paid extensions. They are so successful in this that they sell the extension to other developers for a percentage of sales.

There are still a few pros to how to make the plugin not multi-function:

  • First, you can very quickly create a MVP that will allow you to get user feedback and to improve on what they did not like.
  • Secondly, plug-ins, which solve only one problem, usually better than plugins with multiple features. Plug-ins are usually a bit better at specific tasks than multi-functional.
  • Thirdly, they are easier to sell. The percentage of sales to new buyers is always lower. To sell an addon or increase the amount of purchases much easier for existing clients than new.

Error 5: You do not pay attention to the opinion of users

In our days, when the launch of a new website for the Commerce set and site Analytics. It works both online and offline business. You’ve probably heard the saying: You have to know your numbers!

Freemius Insights provides you with all the data relevant to the business plug-ins. So the biggest mistake would be ignoring this information.

In order to be able to improve your plugin, you need to know the opinion of users, their suggestions and comments which features of the plugin they need and how they use them.

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