5 WordPress plugins for Rich Snippets to increase your traffic

Want to increase your traffic from Google? I answer this question YES!

Most people hear the phrase Organic traffic, especially thinking about ranking your site in Google. But not so important, what place you occupy in the ranking, you need to maximize the number of people who came to your site from search engines.

How to do it? Use Schema Markup and micro data for Rich Snippets for your website in search engines. You can do this manually, but there are some amazing free and premium plugins that will do it for you.

In this post we will show you what is Rich Snippets and Schema Markup, and then here are a few excellent plugins to implement all of this in WordPress.

Let’s get started!

What is Rich Snippets and Schema Markup?

Rich Snippets — is this addition to the search results you see in Google. You can help the search engine to add them using something called “micro-marking” or Schema Markup on your website. Schema Markup structures micro-data to the search system is easier determined by the type of your content.

Here is the implementation of Schema Markup on a live example. Note the asterisk and the first result of the SERPs:

It visually highlights the first search result among the other results. To stand out means to get more visitors.

Micro markup and Rich Snippets not only for review sites. Here are a few examples of other Schema Markup you can use:

  • Recipes
  • Photos
  • Product features
  • Addresses and phone numbers
  • And much, much more

You can check the full list on schema.org. The formats listed here are supported by all major search engines.

Add Rich Snippets to get more organic traffic

We want you to understand that Rich Snippets and Schema Markup do not affect the ranking of your site in Google (although Google itself does not deny this possibility). They increase the number of people who come to your site from search engines, or in other words, CTR (click-through rate).

CTR is not just a battle for click. That’s what you need to optimize organic search. News from Search Engine Land show that some sites increased their traffic by almost 30% after implementing Rich Snippets.

We cannot guarantee that you will also increase its attendance by 30%, but even if 5% or 10%, then that should be fine, right?

For this you need not go through any code. Just select one of the plugins, install and configure it. And you will see how in a few days, Rich Snippets will appear in a search query on your website.

1. All In One Schema.org Rich Snippets

Price: Free

All In One Schema.org Rich Snippets is a complicated name for a plugin, but it still is one of the most popular free plugins. He has all the necessary basic functions.

The plugin supports schemes for a variety of topics, for example, reviews, events, recipes, etc. Then you can also preview how they will look Rich Snippets in Google search.

The plugin has an active support forum. This is a great plugin, try to start with him.

2. Schema Creator by Raven

Price: Free

Schema Creator by Raven — another free option for adding micro-data, although it has not been updated for a year.

This plugin is not as intuitive as the previous one, but it can perform all the necessary functions for free.

3. WP Rich Snippets

Price: from $69

WP Rich Snippets is not a free plugin, but for this money you get a lot functions.

It has many options to customize Rich Snippets, which can be found in the beautifully designed and very intuitive console. You can add:

  • Rating
  • Prices
  • Opening hours
  • Addresses and phone numbers
  • And more

Besides, there are many extensions that you can integrate with WooCommerce, add shortcodes and data tables show location on Google Maps and so on.

And adding to this knowledge base and specialized technical support, we understand that the plugin is worth it.

4. App Schema Structured Data

Price: Free with paid add-ons

App Schema Structured Data — free plug-in to install Rich Snippets on your website. It automatically adds the base data Schema Markup on all posts and pages, which you can then configure.

The plugin can automatically connect to the App Schema Editor and automatically create and verify data, but this feature is, unfortunately, paid.

But if you need only basic functions, their App Schema Structured Data provides free. But you can always change your mind and buy extra features.

5. Rich Snippets WordPress Plugin

Price: $12

Rich Snippets WordPress Plugin is a paid plugin from CodeCanyon, but its price is much lower than the WP Rich Snippets.

It generates shortcodes schemes that you can show in the record or to leave visible (but visible to search engines). Shortcodes are applied separately to each entry or page.

So, if you have a large website and you want to insert the data Schema Markup to all old records, then it will take a lot of time. But if you are just starting a website maintenance then this is a great inexpensive way to implement data Schema Markup.

Bonus Yoast

Some Addons Yoast automatically adds specific data Schema Markup to your records. For example, If you installed Local SEO Plugin, it will automatically include the address and hours of operation. Similarly to the Video SEO Plugin will be added data about the video.

Addons can not meet all needs, but if they fit you, then you will not need to install a new plugin.

Plugins for star ratings

If you just want to add star ratings to your site, here are several plugins that will help you with this:

  • Rich Reviews
  • WP Review Pro
  • WP Post Ratings

They do not have complete data Schema Markup, but they are perfect for review sites.


No matter which plugin you choose, always check the correct markup Schema Markup. You can do this using the Structured Data Testing Tool from Google Developers. Just enter your URL and you will report the detection of any problems with the data schema.

We missed some plugin? Do you think that it is better to install a micro-partition manually? Share with us your opinion in the comments!

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