7 best free WordPress plugins to insert the audio player

If you are a music lover or a musician who wants to sell their music on the website or reproduce it, the selection of plug-ins, which will be discussed in this article, you will certainly be useful. We have collected 7 best free audio plug-ins for WordPress, and learned that you can implement with them.

1. Built-in audio player WordPress

Built-in player of music files from WordPress supports audio playback directly at the file on the network or by uploading the file to the website in the media library. Further files can be inserted using short codes. Regulation is sound, loop playback and automatic startup.

You can also use additional options to work with audio files in WordPress.

2. Compact WP Audio Player

Compact player with multiple key parameters that can be added to any post by using short code. No volume, but there are auto-play and ability to play in a circle. The title of the track is displayed above the start button, there are a number of other parameters that you can configure to your own taste.

3. HTML5 jQuery Audio Player

The player with a set of options for playing a list of tracks and the ability to sell them, which will allow musicians to earn on your work on your website. Supported covers, you add the ratings, two formats for the tracks, and many other settings work, but no volume and the responsive layout for the player.

4. Audio Player

Plugin Audio Player with support for a range of options for playing audio recordings. You can also configure the color, appearance, control the height and width, convenient options for podcasters and auto-playing audio clips (pre – and post-roll advertising, for example).

Unfortunately, this player runs on flash, and because on some devices the audio will not play.

5. HTML5 MP3 Player with Playlist

Plugin to create and play lists of audio files with a customizable appearance, add pictures and even the ability to download tracks from the site.

You can also link your profiles in social networks, there’s support for automatic playback and scrolling titles for the tracks. Adaptive layout no.

6. Audio Tube

Audio Tube player supports playback of audio from video files YouTube, hiding video series from users on the website. This is useful in case if you are creating a compilation of tracks that are in the videos or video fragments, but do not want users to see the clip.

There are some size settings and color schemes for the embedded player. There is support for a “rubber” design.

7. CP Media Audio & Video Player

With CP Media Player can play audio and video, to create your own lists and bind the account in electronic payment service PayPal to audio tracks to sell them online for money.

Some customization is possible, but the free version of the plugin limited to only one design and one player on the site. Responsive design this plugin no.

Compare options

Now collect in one table all the key parameters of plugins with which you can play audio tracks on the website.

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