7 best plugins and widgets for weather for WordPress

There are a few typical situations when the display of weather on the website is really useful. For example, if you have a travel site, resorts, country club or any outdoor events — visitors will appreciate the opportunity to look at the weather forecast right on your website without going to third-party weather sites.

Before searching for a WordPress plugin to show weather forecast think about these questions:

  1. How to design weather widget fits into your current website design? A weather-plug-ins allow you to configure and customize the widget for your basic design, but some plugins do not have this.
  2. Does the weather plugin connect to third-party service to download information? Some plugins require the support of the World Weather Online API. Until April 2017, this service is provided free API, but now need a paid subscription.
  3. Where you place the widget showing the weather? There are lots of options. Some plugins give the option to place a widget only in a fixed area of the widgets provided by the theme, while others provide a shortcode you can add to any post or page of your website.

Take a look at our selection of the 7 plugins to display weather forecast on WordPress. Sure, you’ll find a suitable option.

1. Astero

 Demo | Purchase for $18

Astero WordPress Weather Plugin includes almost everything you could need from a weather forecast. Clean design, fine lines, several options in size and style and a good range of options. Your weather will look fine, even if the weather promises to be Sunny.

Main features:

  • HTML5 geolocation
  • 600+ Google fonts
  • fully responsive design
  • local cache
  • normal or fullscreen mode
  • support static background image, HTML5 video or YouTube

The plugin takes the weather summary service Forecast.io and Openweathermap.org.

Astero WordPress Weather Plugin is, in our opinion, the most functional and stylish solution for weather on WordPress.

2. City Weather

Demo | Purchase for $15

If you are looking for a weather plugin with a beautiful design that shows weather only for a given advance of the region, the City Weather for WordPress is a great option. The plugin also can be easily configured and customized to fit any website design.

Main features:

  • 2 widget sizes: wide and narrow
  • support background of any color or pictures
  • fully responsive

3. aWeather Forecast

Demo | Purchase for $13

aWeather Forecast is one of the most attractive and unusual weather plugins. Includes a set of animated icons and interface elements, a rich color palette. All this makes the process of displaying the weather spectacular design element of your website.

Main features:

  • for each weather situation there is a icon with animation
  • the data display for wind speed, pressure, humidity, etc.
  • 700 Google fonts
  • display the data in Fahrenheit, Celsius, Kelvin
  • 18 animations of icons

4. Simple Weather

Demo | Purchase for $12

Feature of Simple Weather — it support shortcodes. So you can place the widget with the weather not only in the widget area of your theme, but in any record or page by inserting the shortcode.

Main features:

  • support shortcodes
  • forecast for 7 days ahead
  • location by GPS coordinates or the name of the region
  • managing weather refresh interval
  • temperature display for day and night
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