7 best WordPress plug-ins to work with Dropbox

Storage of files and documents has become much easier and safer with the cloud offered by the service Dropbox. No wonder the project has become quite popular, and is currently benefiting more than 50 million people. According to internal statistics, Dropbox, more than 1 million files are saved in the cloud every three minutes, and on the day the number of files reaches 500 million pieces.

Dropbox has become one of the key tools of modern Internet business, and in this post we will learn which plugins will help you to connect WordPress to that cloud service.

1. WordPress Backup to Dropbox

The plugin allows you to create a backup and dump of the site database, and then sends it all to your profile on Dropbox. For backup, it is sufficient to set the day and frequency of backups. And everything will happen automatically.

You can also specify whether to include / exclude certain files from the total backup, which will be saved in the specified folder in Dropbox.

2. Backup Buddy

Backup Buddy is a very popular plug — in for working with files and site settings that are stored with your website.

The plugin includes a set of settings for creating a full backup of a website in Dropbox directory. Part of the backup includes SQL database, plugins, website files, themes, scripts, posts, settings and other components of the website.

3. BackWPup Free

BackWPup Free is the free version of the same name of the plugin to save all your installed copy of WordPress in the specified folder in the cloud service Dropbox.

The plugin is compatible with all latest versions of the engine and has over 1 million downloads.

The only limitation of the free version is lack of support for the plugin.

4. WP Dropbox Dropins

WP Dropbox Dropins also gives access backup cloud file hosting. To use this you will need to create an application Drop-in to Dropbox and get an access key.

5. Out-of-the-Box

Out-of-the-Box tool to view, download, delete and rename files and folders in your account to the cloud service directly from the page in WordPress. You can even use the plugin as a file browser, gallery or for playing media files.

This plugin has a great set of features and can do a good job to everyone who is actively using Dropbox.

6. wp Time Machine

This plugin works on the principle that you use the utility Time Machine in Mac OS X. it can be used to create and manage backups of files and the entire site, storing them in a remote auto mode, this backup will include MySQL database, files, and even .htaccess.

7. Snapshot

Completes our selection of plugin to create backups called Snapshot. It can be used to backup your entire website to Dropbox. Download, setup and installation of the plugin takes less than ten minutes, but will save you from many problems related to website breakdown.

With the specified plugin is quite easy to restore your site from backup or make a new copy for a specified site on the engine WordPress.

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