A selection of the best WordPress plugins for websites of Travel theme

Are you the owner of the travel site, travel blogger or just starting to think about work in this direction? Be sure to read our selection of best WordPress plugins for websites of Travel theme!

Love the WordPress site owners around the world, and for good reason. Platform makes it easy to install Joomla engine to the hosting in a couple of clicks to change the design, for a few minutes to add new content or edit existing, as well as quickly and easily improve the functionality of the site, by activating the plugin.

However, in the described situation there is one subtlety: available plugins a lot, and some of them are very similar to each other in functions. It is therefore sometimes difficult to understand which of the available catalog options to choose. Just on this occasion we have prepared for you a “gentleman’s set” of the best plugins for WordPress.

And will start our review with plugins created specifically for owners of websites and blogs about tourism and travel.

1. Travelpayouts: Flights & Hotels Travel Search

We present you a special plugin Travelpayouts.com (his very detailed description read here) who use data from the API of this affiliate program and connecting to the convenient tools — banners, widgets and search forms. They help visitors to travel sites to find the best offers of tourist services in the market, and publishers — to make money. Note that the plugin functionality is not limited to integration, it also allows the site administrator to track detailed statistics for each instrument directly through the WordPress panel.

2. Everplaces for WordPress

It is difficult to imagine a full-fledged travel website without an official plugin Everplaces.com — one of the world’s largest community for travelers. By integrating the tools of this service (for example, the collection of recommendations) resource owners receive the ability to easily and quickly share with visitors the details of your past and future travels. A bonus are the excellent visualization and beautiful icons.

3. Transport and Business Locator

Essential informative plugin that provides users with travel sites access to a huge amount of useful information about the places they are interested in. It includes, for example, contacts and addresses of companies and shops, location map, stops and public transport routes. The particular location for display and other search conditions are easily configured by the site administrator.

4. Where I Was, Where I Will Be

This plugin helps to share plans for the upcoming trip or show where the author already managed to visit, thanks to the integration of Google Maps. The set of available functions, among other things, allows you to create unlimited number of cards and mark them everything related to the upcoming or already perfect trip.

5. On The Road

And this software solution is an excellent alternative to the previous plugin. They are similar in functionality, but On The Road is still designed primarily for travel bloggers as it allows readers to see where each was written a specific post or even a series of them.

6. LogMyTrip

The plugin will help webmasters, when to lay out any of their journey into stages, put them into Google maps to provide the reader with comprehensive information about each of them at any suitable location on the website. All you need is to paste the generated add-in code in the right location.

7. Nomad World Map

Those who for some reason are not suitable previous plug, you should pay attention to this add-on. It also works great and allows owners of travel websites and blogs to create your own maps, customize the content to display (descriptions, excerpts of posts, date), to relate the posts and location (not to mention the other functions).

8. TimeZoneCalculator

If the owner or the users travel resource why you need to see the exact time in different parts of the world, we recommend you to install this plugin – it is simple to set up and launch of the website, is able to automatically switch to summer or winter time, and also very precise thanks to the use of databases of time zones.

9. Weather Layer

It is no secret that the opportunity to show how good (or conversely bad) in terms of weather in different countries can have a big impact on the opinion of visitors travel resource. To use it, we recommend you to install this plugin, based on Yahoo! Weather, add code pointer for a specific country and city and place it in a widget or a horizontal form on the website.

10. MK Google Directions

This powerful plugin allows you to use the Google Directions at 100%, by posting on the site the distance between the specified points, estimated time and detailed information for those who are driving. Readers of any travel resource will appreciate that aid in orienteering.

Other plugins

All of these plugins for travel sites good, but one only of their functionality, of course, will not be enough for good work of any modern website. Therefore, we have selected for you best utility add-ins of WordPress that helps protect your site, improve its performance, optimize content and establish contact with visitors.

11. Jetpack by WordPress.com

Perhaps the most useful and functional of all official plugins, Jetpack deservedly occupies the highest place in our collection. By combining the functionality of a dozen apps in one, the developers have created a great tool for site settings, which allows you to customize the design and display of the site on various devices, and to improve protection and to increase productivity.

12. Yoast SEO

This plugin will help webmaster to solve a difficult task in quality search engine optimization content of the website, as it provides access to many important and minor SEO settings, including “focus keywords” parameter, which helps to perfectly optimize a page for a specific search query.

13. Google Analytics by Yoast

14. Yandex Metrica

Webmaster access information on their sites (for example, data on a technical condition of incoming and outgoing links, user behavior) has good chances to achieve a good attendance and a higher position in the search engines results. This requires integration with the major analytical systems of the Internet, and it provides just these two plugins. The benefit is evident.

15. WP Database Backup

Fast and reliable backup, standalone capability to schedule, save a copy locally and on the cloud, and other useful for the stable operation of the site features are all available for owners of sites based on WordPress thanks to this plugin. Recommended to install as quickly as possible and actively use.

16. Wordfence Security

Experienced site administrators pay great importance to protect their resources from attacks from the Internet and we advise all webmasters to follow their example – for example, by setting on their websites the plugin Wordfence. He is one of the best defensive solutions for WordPress, often modernizarea and protects from hacker attacks, but also improves the productivity of the resource.

17. MailChimp for WordPress

Official plug-in from one of the world’s largest systems of email marketing is useful for everyone who ever planned to work with the audience of your resource via email. Its capabilities include creating advanced contact forms and comment pages of “thank you” and other marketing functions.

18. PopupAlly

Plugging this plugin, webmasters will be able to take full advantage of pop-UPS is a powerful marketing tool that will help you effectively engage with departing visitors and collect users in their own base distribution. It is noted the positive impact of the tool on the conversion (300% increase).

19. Favicon by RealFaviconGenerator

Did you attention to the picture on the left of the link to the website in the address bar of your browser? It’s called a favicon, and once set it was not a big problem. Now, when there are plenty of devices with their own standards to prepare the favicon may take a lot of time if you do not use this plugin, of course.


This concludes our selection of the best WordPress plugins fall of 2015. Use them, improve performance of their sites, increase their attractiveness to users and earn more!

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