A useful plugin to check uptime of your WordPress website

Do you know how important a high value of uptime for your website? Often, if your site is inaccessible at night, when the rest of the world (outside of your time zone) to it trying to access? Too long time your website is loaded and queries, so search engines can Google it avoid? Let’s look at the plugins and solutions that will help you to monitor the uptime of your website.

What is uptime monitoring for your website?

It is a fact that search bots and real users are not too keen to those sites that do not work. Such sites can even be punished in the form of a downgrade in search results. To get all notifications that your site has errors or difficulties, we need to use a monitoring solution.

“Currently this website is unavailable”

A wise decision on your part to consider a number of key issues on your website based on WordPress:

  • Constantly working your web site?
  • How much money you lose in your business, when your enterprise web page is not available because of the “fall” of the website?
  • Can you measure the amount of time when your website works and how it doesn’t work?
  • What is the reliability and stability of your website?
  • How much traffic your website can withstand?
  • Do you often overload the website?
  • Did you ever that your page is “broke”?
  • Are you getting error messages or a blank page instead of your website when browsing?
  • Maybe you get a blank page with no content with the default theme?

In this article, we’ll discuss three pluginsthat will help to give answers to all these questions.

The good old promise of 99% uptime

Promises you your hoster traditional “99% uptime“? Some providers of hosting services go even further and promise as much as 99.9%! Of course, some of these hosters will not do what they promise, that’s why it’s so important to choose a reliable and stable hosting provider. Look for yourself, talk to friends and experts about the company you have chosen as hosting provider.

You may want to purchase a more expensive package, for example VPS or dedicatedhosting. Also don’t forget about the amount of monthly traffic, which is usually indicated in gigabytes. The best providers indicate this option and other terms of hosting offers. Some fares that seem cheap and affordable in the long term will not be so budget.

How does it work?

The monitoring servers to check the availability of your website at specified time intervals (minutes, hours) and send messages about the availability or the issues in the case that an error was detected on the website. Some providers give you the option to choose the interval for checking website availability.

Plugin: Pingdom Status

Pingdom is a major service, which is used by such market players as Microsoft, Ericsson, Amazon, Vodafone and Siemens. To use this plugin you need a Pingdom account. You can choose a free account, 30-day trialversion or the paid version. In Pingdom you can set multiple check uptime at different intervals of time (1 minute, 5 minute, 15, 30 and 60 minutes) and get good customer service. The company has a good monitoring system of its own design. This plugin uses the Pingdom API and creates a status page for your admin panel in WordPress.

This tool offers:

  • alerts on multiple channels such as:
    • email
    • via Twitter
    • mobile
  • statistics of uptime
  • response time
  • graphs based on the statistics collected
  • different notifications:
    • the availability of the site
    • the inaccessibility of the site
    • re-drop site
  • monitoring of several services:
    • HTTP
    • TCP
    • Ping
    • UDP

Plugin: tagBeep Uptime Monitor

With email alerts you will be able to learn all about the uptime of your website. You can get a discount for a year if choose package “pro” or “enterprise“.

Another useful plugin: WP Really Simple Health

This plugin integrates into the toolbar of WordPress, and you can read the following information:

  • the level of CPU load
  • memory usage
  • the server uptime

You can turn each of the settings on the settings screen of the plugin:

Compare plugins




Last update version




Version of the plugin




The number of downloads




The version of WP (from)




The size in compressed form

1323 KB

31 KB

41 KB

Whether you are using a private API




The need for an external account




Free account




The presence of a Trial-version




Notification by email




Alert on mobile




External monitoring servers




The settings screen




The cost




Other external service providers monitoring

Also to monitor the uptime of the website can use the services of one of the following companies:

  • Site 24X7
  • Website-Monitoring
  • Monitor.us
  • DownNotifier.com
  • Service Uptime
  • Are My Sites Up?

Bonus tip

A reasonable solution would be to disable notifications about errors to production pages WordPress: a good guidance in this regard can be read on Wptuts+. The article describes also how to enable the alert administrator of the site based on WordPress.


Monitoring uptime of servers will allow you to quickly learn about any errors on the site. The uptime and the time of unavailability of your website can be measured and recorded in the logs. You can also improve and Refine your web pages using these tools.

If you already follow the metrics of uptime on your website, what are the benefits given to you be monitoring? Do you know some other tools to monitor website availability that could recommend? Tell us and our readers about it in comments to this article.

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