Anti-Spam by CleanTalk is a cloud — based anti-spam plugin for WordPress

CleanTalk — is a great plugin to protect your WordPress website from spam. In the latest version of CleanTalk there was a system of network security that prevents spam bots even go to your site, which reduces the load on the server. And you get a new tool in its Arsenal to combat comment spam, trackback spam and spam in the feedback form on the website.

CleanTalk is a service using cloud computing, which can be used free for 14 days, after which the payment will be $8 per year. Very profitable, right? But does the plugin works? Let’s see.

How the system works network security?

A new feature in the latest version of CleanTalk is the firewalls, which will not allow spam bots to even go to your website. This will not only protect you from spam, but will also accelerate your website, allowing bots to crash the server. When a visitor comes to your website, their IP information is compared with database-CleanTalk about 5.8 million IP spam bots. If a match is found, the plugin blocks access to this visitor, and he sees a blank page.

Dignity CleanTalk

  • Protection from spam bots by blocking their access to the site. The system calculates most of the spam bots before they load the page.
  • Reducing the load on the server. In order to post spam, most spam bots load the page, it creates load on the database and server, and when a large number of spam attacks the site work may deteriorate.
  • Protection against HTTP DDoS attacks. One of the most common types of DDoS attacks is the web server so that it becomes unable to fulfill the requests of other users.
  • Protection against XML-RPC attacks. This type of attack is created in order to receive a login and password of the administrator of the web site or for the organization of DDoS attacks. System network protection from spam SQL provides an affordable, automatic protection from various SQL attacks.
  • In the system log of network spam protection, you can control the operation of the service and to see all incidents.
  • 60 second installation without need to change settings files.
  • System network anti-spam works with WordPress sites and Joomla.

Message (comments), spam bots usually masquerade as recording a normal user, but contain sponsored links or ads. The purpose of these messages is to attract users to malicious online advertising, or the desire to raise your website ranking in search results. This has a negative impact on your website can spoil your reputation in the search engines lowering your ranking. This is why you need a reliable protector from spam bots.

Function plugin

This is a very extensive plugin/service, so let’s look at all its functions.

  • Spam protection in comments — supports regular WordPress, JetPack comments and any other plugins for comments. The plugin moves spam comments to Spam folder or default sends comments to the ban. You can set the settings of the plugin so that the comments in the “Spam” will be deleted automatically.
  • Filters spam bots during registration — screening spam-bots when registering on WordPress, BuddyPress, bbPress, S2Member, WooCommerce, Profile builder or any other plugin for registration.
  • Protection contact form from spam — Plugin is ready to protect against spam in emails using Formidable forms, Contact form 7, JetPack Contact form, Fast Secure Contact form, Ninja forms, Landing pages, Gravity forms and any other forms of feedback.
  • Spam filter WooCommerce — CleanTalk filters spam registration and reviews for WooCommerce. The plugin is fully compatible with WooCommerce versions 2.1 and later.
  • Filter newsletters — CleanTalk filters spam subscription MailPoet, MailChimp, PopupAlly, and many other news plugins.
  • Spam filter for feedback forms in the themes plugin blocks spam in emails for forms feedback in the topics. With AJAX forms plugin by default (without any notification on the external interface of WordPress) filters out spam emails.
  • Compatibility with WordPress cache plugins — W3 Total Cache, Quick Cache, WP Fastest Cache, Hyper Cache, WP Super cache and all other cache plugins.
  • Check the existing comments for spam. Widespread deletion of comments with CleanTalk anti-spam from the you can check the existing comments for spam and remove it if detected. To use this feature, go to the WP Console → Comments → Find spam comments.
  • Check existing users for spam. Ubiquitous deletion of the account using the CleanTalk anti-spam from the you can check existing users and delete those who send you spam. To use this feature, go to the WP Console → Users → Check for spam.
  • A low percentage of incorrect recognitions — this plugin uses multiple anti-spam tests to calculate the spam bots with the lowest possible percentage of false positives.
  • How CleanTalk improve SEO for your website? — So, you already know that site speed directly affects SEO. CleanTalk works faster than most other anti-spam plugins. It is well known that the faster loading of your site, the more visitors, the better will be your SEO. Speed becomes the main factor in SEO, conversion and number of visitors. Today, the website speed is one of the most important ranking criteria for Google. Sites with slow load will lose visitors and potential profit.

Plugin settings

To use the plugin you must first create an account on the site CleanTalk

You will receive an email with the access key that is required to use the plugin.

Now load the plugin from the official catalogue:

Activate it and go to Settings → CleanTalk for plugin configuration on your site.

You will need to enter the access key at the top of the settings page of the plugin, and then you will see the “Spam Firewall“, where you have to put a check. So you enable a new function of Internet firewall and protect your website from spammers:

The plugin has the box “Advanced Settings“where you can configure much more parameters. You have the choice of what is on your site to use the plugin, delete automatically spam in the comments and more:

After installing the plugin you have the ability to monitor statistics through their web site, where it will display a graph of blocked spam comments, and the usual:

If you want to know more, just click on the entry and you will see all the blocked and allowed comments:

You can also see why they are blocked:


CleanTalk is a lovely plugin, which showed better results than Akismet at blocking spam messages from the spam bots, but he doesn’t always recognize spam messages, dialed manually, which might be a problem on larger sites.

A new feature of the system network security is certainly necessary. Time and again, our server was attacked by spam bots, and we’re glad we can prevent it. Database on IP the spam bots is growing, and all sites using this plugin (at the moment more than 120 thousand), unable to unite in the fight against spam.

To configure the plugin is very easy, and we like that it protects not only the comments but also the feedback form and registration.

If you are tired of spam on your website, you should install CleanTalk. And over a period of 14 days of free usage you will know whether to buy the paid version.

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