Best backup plugins for WooCommerce site

As of 2019, the market share of WooCommerce is 22% of the 1 million leading e-Commerce sites.

If you are a successful business in the field of electronic Commerce, your website is probably the most valuable asset for your business. A well-functioning website will attract more customers, increase conversions and enhance revenue.

Now imagine the situation if your e-Commerce site ceases to function for a few hours! Depending on the severity of the malfunction, you can lose valuable data: product lists, customer records, customer orders, shipping information and more. Since your web site will be closed (at least for a day or two), you can also lose the trust of clients and, indeed, customers. And restoration of the site may need additional financial costs.

What you need to do in order not to face such situation? Sites WooCommerce need a specialized backup that is different from the backup to the usual site. This means that you need to create a backup of your web site and database entries, which can quickly restore your site in case of any failures.

In the following sections, we discuss why the web site WooCommerce you want to back up in real time (and not just the usual backup).

Choosing the right backup for the web site WooCommerce

In comparison to other sites, e-Commerce website is daily undergoing a significant number of changes. These changes can be in the form of customer orders, transactions, payment, delivery details, and add (or remove) products and many other operations. This leads to the generation of volumes of data in real-time almost every hour or even minute.

Strategy, the normal backup is designed for fixed backups that are scheduled at fixed intervals (e.g., every week, day or hour). But when it comes to backing up data in real time, generated by web e-Commerce sites, regular backups may have missed the latest changes to the web site.

Here is an example: regular backup was scheduled on an hourly basis, and the last backup was made at 15:00. Internet buyer placed an online order at 15:15, and on the web e-Commerce site failure has occurred at 15:30. In this case, the web site will be restored to the last saved backup version as of 15:00. And this order and all other transactions committed since 15:00 to 15:30 will be lost.

Here is a useful backup in real time. An ecommerce website needs such a solution because it automatically starts a backup every time the website changes.

This ensures that you will not lose important information when you restore your site.

Now that you know about backing up in real time, the question arises whether the owners of the websites time and patience to do regular backups? The answer is not necessarily to do it manually. Backup plugins WooCommerce can make this work for you.

Tool features backup plugin

Important elements that should have every tool to backup WordPress:

  • Comprehensive backup. The backup tool should backup all files / folders on your web site and also the database tables. The backup should include files, WordPress files installed for the plugins / themes, web pages, customize the web site and even user comments.
  • Incremental backup. Backup web sites can be very time-consuming process, as most online stores have large amounts of data. Incremental backups reduce the load backups, synchronizing only the changed files and folders managed in small fragments. This ensures that all data will be backed up every time, and will contain only those components that have changed.
  • External backup storage. Along with an effective backup process, backup data must be stored in a safe and independent place where they can be easily removed and, if necessary, restore.
  • Multiple versions of backups with encrypted data. Tools backup WordPress create and store multiple backup versions, each with date and time. During recovery, you can choose the backup version. In addition, backup data is securely encrypted so that online hackers cannot access them.
  • Backup in real-time. And last (but not least) the backup tool offers a backup in real time, where each file and database changes are tracked and synchronized (via incremental backup) with the basic version of the backup.

Depending on your backup tool, there are many other features and benefits that can make the backup very simple and user friendly. Although some of these backup tools are paid, on the market you can find many free backup tools.

Free or paid plugins to backup – which is better?

Free plugins offer only basic functions, which is not enough. If you want to access premium features, you need to pay.

In the evaluation of free and paid plug-ins, verify the following settings:

  • Are they easy to install and use by untrained users WordPress?
  • Plugins offer automated backup (otherwise what’s the point to use a tool)?
  • Do they provide full backup of website files and database records?
  • Support included in the package or you need to pay separately ?

If you want to get a reliable solution, you should use a paid solution is a reasonable price to pay for the benefits that they offer.

Let’s evaluate the top 5 plugins to backup WordPress on the market, as well as the pros and cons of each tool.

Compare the best plugins for WordPress Backup

Here is a detailed comparison of the five best plugins to backup WordPress and their value when it comes to backup in real time. Although some of them offer a free version of these plugins are mostly all paid.

1. BlogVault

BlogVault, which is trusted by more than 400,000 websites WordPress is a complete solution for backup. BlogVault also offers backup on demand, scheduled and real-time. The tool is easy to install and use thanks to the backup function with one click.

Some of its advantages backup in real time include:

  • Centralized dashboard for backup and restore web sites.
  • Instant backup based on triggers.
  • Access backup history (365 days).
  • The whole backup process is executed on dedicated servers BlogVault. It is a guarantee that your web servers will not be overloaded
  • The audition-based hooks, which effectively tracks any changes to the website.

Pros BlogVault:

  • The incremental backups.
  • Offline backup storage with data encryption.
  • Migration and hosting.
  • Effective customer support.

Cons BlogVault:

  • Not offering a free version.

Price: Basic paid plan from $ 7.4 in the month.

2. VaultPress

VaultPress is a backup tool and scan in real time. Developed by Automattic, which manages millions of websites on WordPress Complete with the popular plugin JetPack, VaultPress tool can be used for backup and malware protection.

Some of its advantages backup in real time include:

  • Calendar, allowing you to track activity on your website in real time.
  • The centralized dashboard that allows you to backup and scan for malware.
  • A full backup of all data of the website, including the posts, comments, users, media files and settings in the dashboard.

Pros VaultPress:

  • Backup function and scan for malware.
  • Access 30-day backup archive.
  • Monitoring and notification of website downtime.
  • Easy migration of the site.

Cons VaultPress:

  • Not available with the free version of JetPack plugin.
  • Poor performance of the website.

Price: the Premium plans are priced at $ 3.50 per month.

3. BackupBuddy

BackupBuddy, iThemes suggested, was the first plugin to backup WordPress, released in 2010. BackupBuddy offers a complete package, which includes backup, restore & migrate websites. It is used by over half a million WordPress sites.

Some of the features of the tool include:

  • The ability to backup on schedule and in real time.
  • A full backup of all site files, including pages, posts, user comments, widgets, dashboard, images, plugins, themes, and more.
  • Active monitoring changes to the website in real time.
  • Takes a snapshot of your entire website.
  • Secure offsite backup storage.
  • Quick and easy to restore from a backup.

The Advantages Of BackupBuddy:

  • Backup of website files and database.
  • Allows you to create and upload the backup zip files.
  • Manage 10 WordPress sites, available by premium subscription.

Cons Of BackupBuddy:

  • The most expensive WordPress plugins for backup.
  • A slower website speed.

Prices: Annual subscription plans priced at $ 52 (for single site) and $ 129 (for unlimited sites).

Other alternatives

BlogVault, VaultPress, and BackupBuddy is a premium tools that offer backup in real time for stores WooCommerce. But if you prefer free tools, read about UpdraftPlus and BackWPup, which also offer regular backups.


With more than 2 million installs, UpdraftPlus is one of the most reliable backup solutions. Along with user-friendly interface it directly loads the data backup on cloud platform such as Google Drive, Dropbox and Amazon S3.

Some of its functions backup include:

  • Supports more cloud storage platforms than any other backup tools.
  • Supports both automatic and backup in real time.
  • Runs faster and spends less resources on the server.

Pros UpdraftPlus:

  • Cloning and migration.
  • Allows you to select the WordPress files to backup.
  • Has a free and paid version.

Cons UpdraftPlus:

  • Priority support is available only to premium customers.

Price: the Premium plans from $ 70.


With more than 8 million downloads BackWPup is a popular WordPress backup plugin which can backup your entire WordPress installation. Like UpdraftPlus, BackWPup stores the backup data on external platforms, such as Dropbox and Amazon S3.

Some of its functions backup include:

  • Full backup of WordPress files and database.
  • A convenient toolbar for the beginner WordPress user.
  • Offers a free and paid version.
  • Available with multiple sites.

Pros BackWPup:

  • Full backup and restore of files and databases.
  • Easy administration of backups.
  • Encrypted backups.

Cons BackWPup:

  • The high price of the premium version.

Price: Premium plan from 69 $.

Every day creates more and more sites WooCommerce, but not a backup service that offer backup solution for WooCommerce. Although you have a limited number of solutions to choose from, they offer a pretty full feature list. You can rely on them.

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