Best booking plugins for WordPress site

Develop a system of booking appointments is one of the most expensive parts of creating a website. Fortunately, when you use to create your own website, WordPress, you have the possibility to integrate the booking system on the website in just a few steps using a simple plugin.

In WordPress already have dozens of excellent free and premium plugins that allow you to configure different types of reservation systems in WordPress. Of course, not all of them are suitable for professional and business websites.

In this post reviewed the best and most effective plugins for booking appointments in WordPress, but at the same time simple and convenient.

1. Amelia

Amelia is a fairly new plug – in booking appointments that comes with impressive set of features and excellent UI design. This plugin is designed for beginners, including you and your customers.

Even if you have no experience with WordPress, Amelia facilitates management meetings by using intuitive for beginners to the internal interface.

In the plugin there is a simple step-by-step wizard booking of meetings, which makes it easier for clients to record meetings and includes support for synchronization of Google Calendar.

Main functions:

  • Integration with Google Calendar.
  • The Integration Of WooCommerce.
  • The booking form with custom fields.
  • Master booking for beginners.
  • Automated system notifications via email.
  • Integrate PayPal and Stripe.
  • Easy to manage backend interface.

Price: $ 59. You also get 6 months of support and plugin updates for life.

2. LatePoint

LatePoint – another awesome new plugin for WordPress that offers beautiful design and many useful features. It can be used to set up a reservation system allowing customers to make an appointment using several options.

For example, if you offer coaching services with different tariff plans, you can use this plugin to enable clients to choose the tariff plan directly from the plugin before booking appointments.

Main functions:

  • Support for social logins.
  • You can paste it in any place of the site using shortcodes.
  • Master simplified reservations.
  • Admin panel for beginners.
  • Notification by e-mail.
  • A fully responsive design.

Price: lump sum price of $ 59. You also get a 30-day money back guarantee and lifetime free updates.

3. MotoPress Hotel Booking

MotoPress Hotel Booking – WordPress plugin for creation of systems of reservation of appointment (rooms) in hotels and rent. The plugin offers an easy interface for booking with minimalist calendar, and integrate offline and online payment systems.

It comes with a sync iCal system, which can synchronize orders from other platforms such as Airbnb and TripAdvisor, to prevent exceeding the reservation.

Main functions:

  • To include an unlimited number of rooms / properties.
  • Unlimited variables to best pricing.
  • You can add additional services during the booking process.
  • Support for multiple locations.
  • Built-in integration of payment PayPal, Stripe, 2Checkout.
  • Notification by e-mail.

Price: free to try light version of the plugin MotoPress Hotel Booking. If it has all the features you need, you can upgrade to the premium version for $ 49.

4. Booked

Booked is the minimum booking plugin that allows you only to book this apartment, but does it very well. The plugin comes with many configurable options, custom fields and internal control panel with a calendar to manage dates.

Have Booked not the most beautiful design or the simplified internal interface, but it offers a more simple process for customers who can book in just a few clicks.

Main functions:

  • Support for multiple calendars and agents.
  • To make a reservation as a guest or a registered user.
  • Custom fields and time intervals.
  • Unlimited color options to customize the design.
  • You can insert the front-end calendar from anywhere using shortcodes.

Price: $ 49 and comes with a WooCommerce add-on, additions to the calendar and free updates in the future.

5. Start Booking

Start Booking is an advanced booking plugin designed for large enterprises, agencies, schools and corporations. The plugin offers several unique and powerful features such as classes and group bookings, as well as the possibility to adjust working time (record)for each office.

The plugin seamlessly integrates with Google Calendar to sync your appointments so that you can better interact with customers.

Main functions:

  • The possibility of booking single and multiple meetings.
  • Integration with Google Calendar.
  • Calendar with multi-view design.
  • Office management and location.
  • Creating purchase orders for classes and groups.
  • Options of arrival and departure.

Price: you can set up a simple booking system for pre-recording with free version of Start Booking. And you can upgrade to the premium version for $ 7.99 per month to get more advanced features with an unlimited number of meetings and group booking.

6. Bookly

Bookly is a versatile and powerful plugin booking of meetings, which can be used to configure the reservation system for all kinds of business sites and service web sites, including salons, yoga centers, educational resources, sports facilities and much more.

The plugin comes with many useful features such as multiple views calendar, a list of reservation searchable and able to offer translations using WPML plugin.

Main functions:

  • Custom booking form.
  • A fully responsive design.
  • The ability to translate the user interface thanks to WPML.
  • SMS and email notification.
  • Premium add-ons.

Price: free. There is a premium version of the plugin that comes with more useful features, such as the ability to extend functionality with add-ons. Bookly Pro is $ 88 and includes free updates.

What plugin to use

Depending on the type of web site that you make, and the available budget, to set up a powerful and efficient booking system you can choose any of these plugins. They are all well up to the task of booking.

However, if you want to create a booking system of meetings for web-based services Amelia and LatePoint are excellent solutions because they give users simple ways to book and manage your appointments.

MotoPress plugin Hotel Booking is the best solution for other types of websites such as hotels and websites for renting apartments or holiday apartments, as it has expanded functions and capabilities.

Bookly is an excellent choice for small businesses such as salons and fitness sites.

Whichever plugin you choose, keep in mind that you are investing in improving the quality of service to its customers. This will have a big impact on the success of your business.

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