Best free and premium plugins for pricing tables WordPress

Looking for the best plugin pricing tables for WordPress that helps your site visitors to choose the most appropriate tariff plan? In this post I collected five free plugins for pricing tables that will help you to create a great table of prices (tariff plans).

Free plugins pricing tables for WordPress

1. Elementor (with free add-ons or Elementor Pro)

Elementor – plugin for designer WordPress pages. It allows you to create content using a visual drag-and-drop.

A free basic plugin for Elementor does not include the cost tables. However, to add pricing tables in the Elementor is very simple using the free add-on Elementor. You can also purchase Elementor Proto get access to the widget with a pricing table.

Which extensions to generate tables of prices Elementor offers for free? Actually, a lot. Some good options:

  • Premium Addons for Elementor.
  • The main additions to Elementor.
  • Sizzify Lite.
  • WidgetKit for Elementor.

For example, here is the table widget prices Elementor in Premium Addons for Elementor. Each column in pricing table is a separate widget, so you have complete control over how everything looks:

Again, the premium version of the Elementor – Elementor Pro also includes a widget pricing tables.

2. Easy Pricing Tables

Easy Pricing Tables is a popular free WordPress plugin from Fatcat Apps. It is activated on more than 30,000 WordPress sites and has a rating of 4.3 stars on over 100 reviews. Using the plugin using a simple interface, you can quickly set unlimited pricing tables.

There is nothing to configure – just dive right into building your tables. On the first tab you can add all the content in the table and add additional columns as needed:

Then under “Design” you can customize the fonts and colors, and add your own CSS.

After tweaking the design, you need to build your pricing table to the page using either the shortcode or the selected block of Guttenberg for the new block editor WordPress.

Here’s an example of a table of prices looks using the default settings:

If you want more functionality, there is also a premium version that adds new design templates and additional configuration options, tooltips, switches (for example, monthly or annually) and many more.

Premium plugin worth $ 29, but for access to all the functions you’ll need version for $ 59.

3. Responsive Pricing Table

Responsive Pricing Table – another popular free plugin for table of prices where it activated on more than 20,000 sites with a 4.6 star rating with 60+ reviews.

As in the Easy Pricing Tables, set to almost nothing – you immediately after installing the plugin start to create the tables:

Each plan is a separate column in the price table.

You can also add your own CSS class for each column and to set some basic color options.

When you add all of the necessary tariff plans, you can build your pricing table to any place on the site using shortcode.

Plugin settings by default are as follows:

If you want more functionality, there is a Pro version that adds new styles, tooltips, equalizer height of the column and some other functions. The Pro version costs just $19.

4. Pricing Table from Supsystic

As with the previous two plugins, Pricing Table from Supsystic is one of the most popular options It is active on more than 30,000 websites and has a 4.5 star rating on over 200 reviews.

Before you start to add the contents of the table price, you can select one of the included templates. Free version of the plugin offers 7 different templates, and the Pro version adds a lot more:

Then you can add your content by clicking on the table, which is really convenient. Here you can configure the number of columns and rows at the top:

Hovering the cursor over columns, you can switch the colors.

There is also a really niche features like the ability to schedule specific columns of prices that will be run only on certain dates.

To build the finished table of prices is possible using a shortcode or PHP function.

The Pro version in addition to new templates, adds features such as:

  • Limit user role.
  • Switching (for example, for monthly and annual prices).

The premium version starts from $ 39.

5. Pricing Table from PickPlugins

Pricing Table from PickPlugins not as popular as the previous three plugin – it is activated only on 4000+ sites at the time of this writing. So far he has a 5 star rating, and it has several unique topics that you may like.

To add the contents of the table you will use is very similar to the interface table:

To highlight a column or set its style, you can open the settings:

And then in the Style tab you can further customize the settings by selecting the options from different themes. If desired, you can hide certain content and empty lines:

To embed the price table on the site using shortcode or PHP function.

Here is an example of how it looks with the topic of price charts by default:

Bonus: premium WordPress plugins for pricing tables

In addition to the free pricing tables for in CodeCanyon there are also some nice options premium:

6. Go Pricing

With more than 11 000 sales Go Pricing is one of the most popular plugins pricing tables on CodeCanyon.

It comes with 250+ demo tables that have a really gorgeous design.

Is the plugin compatible with Beaver Builder Page Builder and WPBakery Elementor with dedicated widgets for each page Builder.

There are other useful functions:

  • animation
  • a lot of style options,
  • multimedia.

Go Pricing, the cost is only $ 27, which is a good price when you consider all the design options to which you have access.

7. ARPrice

ARPrice – another popular premium plugin for WordPress pricing tables on CodeCanyon, where he had more than 3000 sales.

With it, you will get:

  • 300+ templates price tables.
  • Switch pricing button.
  • Animation effects.
  • Integration with PayPal.
  • Many styles and customization options.
  • The visual editor in real time.

ARPrice costs $ 23.

What is the best plugin for pricing tables WordPress

If you already use Elementor (or ready to use), just take one of the free add-ins or buy Elementor Pro. Then you can create pricing tables using stunning visual interface Elementor.

In tables and Easy Pricing Tables Responsive Pricing Table using the most simple interfaces, while Pricing Table from Supsystic has the most features of any free WordPress plugin for pricing tables.

If you want to access a ready-made template styles price tables, consider one of the options premium on CodeCanyon.

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