Best free WordPress plugins for restaurants and cafes

Whatever you prefer to manage the website of your restaurant, or to spend more time in the kitchen? A difficult question, but it is doubtful that you will spend all the time to develop a menu of the reservation system and collection of client base. In article selected free WordPress plugins which are necessary to run your restaurant business. They will save not only money but also your time.

First you need to place the main menu and make sure your restaurant appears in the search results. Over time, your business starts to develop, and then additional plug-ins will help to streamline online orders and reservations.

Preparatory work before installing a plugin for a restaurant

Most of the plugins mentioned below can be mounted without much difficulty. However, you can do some preparatory work before you log in to WordPress, if your goal is to complete work on his web site relatively quickly.

For the presentation of the restaurant is the photos of your dishes. It is advisable to prepare a full restaurant menu, if you want to organize food by categories such as desserts, soups or salads. We also recommend to include a short advertisement or to use the description of each dish from your real menu. For a niche restaurant, such as vegan or bakery with gluten-free products, be prepared to provide some details of this unusual food.

Restaurant Menu from the Moto Press

The plugin MotoPress Restaurant Menu is a great choice to display the menu, if you prefer to create a menu not only for reference but also want to keep meals on separate pages of the website.

Restaurant Menu allows you to create categories to suit your menu. You can focus on the types of dishes such as appetizers, desserts and salads, or to provide comprehensive serves: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner. In the menu (or category) of each dish is displayed with photograph, name, and other descriptive items of your choice.

Which is useful for search engine optimization and exchange of information – each dish gets its own page on the website, and this is equivalent to writing in the blog. Page, you can specify additional information about nutrition, share photos and customize the display settings.

Additional features:

  • Allows you to enable and disable individual items and categories in the group.
  • Provides several display options menu, ranging from a grid of six columns to a list in one column.
  • You can set or hide the tags and ingredients.
  • You can create unlimited categories and menu items.

Quick Things from the Restaurant Menu for Restaurants

For restaurants with different offers based on day of week or time of day, plugin Quick Restaurant Menu offers an automated solution. Plugin specializiruetsya that the correct menu is displayed at the right time in accordance with a given timeline.

For example, when a visitor comes to your site at noon, there is a lunch menu, and at 16:00 the visitor sees the dinner menu.

The restaurant menu is easily controlled with unlimited menus and unlimited menu items.

Additional features:

  • In each menu can be added individually to the headers and footers.
  • For each menu item displays pictures, description, sizes and prices.
  • Adaptive layout for mobile viewing.
  • Interface with drag and drop feature.
  • Depending on your needs can be inserted in custom CSS.

Restaurant Menu – Food Ordering System – Table Reservation from Gloria Food

This plug-Gloria Food is a menu option, but its functions are much more diverse and go beyond the menu.

Supplied as a free version, Gloria Food it offers a wide range of features, hoping that users will choose the premium option to receive payments through the mobile app branding.

Like the options described above, the functions menu of the restaurant allow you to create a custom menu using your photos and personalized products.

Version Gloria Food is a little different access to images of food. Menu items can be configured easily, including resizing, and various add-ons available in your restaurant.

For restaurants, pizzerias and cafes with a wide variety of custom recipes, such as burgers or pizza, the options are limitless.

The free version allows you to take orders and can set time to open and close for multiple periods of service, for example, the delivery time exceeding the last hours of work.

Additional features:

  • Accepts orders in advance for later execution.
  • Accommodates multiple delivery zones with different requirements for the minimum order value.
  • Provides real time order confirmation and lead time.
  • Provides Analytics.

Widget Google Maps

Your restaurant has a chain or is in an inaccessible place? Plugin widget Google Maps helps to “get on the map” using a custom Google map, and then displays on your WordPress website.

Add multiple locations for your chain of restaurants/cafes on the same map, or zoom in, to show consumers nearby attractions near your restaurant. Additional settings provides access to advanced mapping tools that help customers quickly find your place.

WordPress Online Booking and Scheduling Plugin – Bookly

When you are ready to accept online booking plugin Bookly will provide reliable functionality. The free option contains all the services you need, and the option premium provides access to online payments and advanced settings.


For the customers form is Bookly calendar of available blocks booking or meetings in your restaurant. The customer selects a time block, fills in contact information and receive a text message or email with the booking confirmation. Additional text will also be sent as reminders before booking.

Bookly provides business owners control panel, so to run the system on your web site does not require coding. You can change the appearance and branding of the plugin in accordance with the requirements of the restaurant industry and manage my calendar from the admin panel. If you need to cancel your reservation, you can do it from the panel and the client will receive an automatic notification.

A unique value in the restaurant industry is the ability to paint with a certain color appointments or reservations. When a large group makes a reservation, you can select it separately in order to ensure the appropriate level of staffing for the event and to pre-configure the table/tables.

The compilation presents best free WordPress plugins from booking to menu and online ordering for restaurants and cafes. However, access to the virtual methods of payment is an additional cost.

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