Best plugins for corporate websites on WordPress 2019

WordPress is a content management system open source, with a protected core and a large support community, with a market share of almost 60% for content systems. The nearest competitor Joomla 6.3 percent. A large part of this market consists of corporate users, such as Visa, Disney, and Time Inc. Therefore, constantly developing new corporate WordPress plugins to optimize processes for major brands.

With more than 47 000 plugins available, it is difficult to quickly determine the best. The article presents the best WordPress plugins for your corporate business sites in 2019. To narrow your search, concentrate on plugins for security, SEO and performance optimization.

Security plugins for businesses

Information about malicious attacks are constantly appearing in the news headlines, most recently about hackers who steal information and ransom.

Safety is important and requires more attention than we pay her. Recommend 3 security plugin to handle different areas of vulnerability and return your control over the website.


Akismet is the most downloaded WordPress security plugin. This is the anti-spam application designed in order to allow you to approve and publish comments or to remove them as spam, and also to prevent overloading your site with spam comments. When too many of the reviews, the performance of your website suffers. Spam comments rarely add anything of value to communicate on the website.

In addition to aid in blocking spam, Akismet provides a history of statuses for each comment, to determine which of them were recognized as spam by Akismet or your moderator. Moderators have the right to:

  • to view the number of approved comments for each user,
  • see the URL in the body of the comment
  • remove suspicious links.

The price of the enterprise edition: $ 50 per month for unlimited websites. Akismet premium also includes advanced statistics and priority support.


Sucuri provides a firewall and protects your site from:

  • DDoS attacks
  • malware
  • XSS attacks
  • attacks with brute force.

Sucuri protects virtually from any online attacks. It includes a content delivery network and adds protection from DDoS-attacks level 7. Available additions to the monthly subscription include security monitoring, detection and cleaning of malware.

Price business version: about 42 dollars a month to the site and provides security scanning and monitoring brand reputation every 30 minutes. As well as rapid response to malware and fix hacking, removal of warnings from the blacklist.


WordFence provides a firewall like Akismet, but with more advanced blocking and monitoring web sites, scan for malware and security login. Premium security features include:

  • lock country
  • password auditing,
  • scheduled scans
  • updates in real time to protect against threats
  • two-factor authentication,
  • checks the IP address of any web site used for spam.

Password auditing is an important element in the protection of your website. This feature helps users to develop strong passwords that are less likely to be hacked. Your website safe to the degree allowed by your users. Password auditing allows you to find the passwords of users who are already known to the hacking community and what accounts are used easily guessed passwords.

WordFence is highly flexible and allows you to block a range of IP addresses, certain browsers and templates of web browsers.

Price: the maximum license is 8,25 USD. in a month, and offers wholesale discounts.

SEO plugins enterprise

Once your website is protected, turn your attention to the website optimization for search engines and drive SEO audit. There are several steps to creating SEO-optimized pages. The following plugins will offer you to perform the right steps and will help you determine the best options.


Yoast SEO is a loadable plugin for the WordPress platform. He has a lot of opportunities to improve your SEO concepts and also offers to identify and place key focal word in the relevant fields for each piece of content.

It performs page analysis checks whether there is a keyword in the image alt tags, meta descriptions, headings and throughout the post. Other functions include:

  • check readability,
  • content analysis
  • clean permalinks,
  • the improvement of RSS.

Yoast SEO helps users to get closer to what’s called sustainable SEO. It enhances text and images that will enhance the usability and visibility to search engines.

Price: the premium version is sold as an annual subscription with tiered price for multiple sites. Single site costs $ 69 for one year of updates and support, which is about 5.75 dollars per month.


SEO Framework is a plugin with many features to improve SEO. Can automatically generate:

  • names
  • description
  • canonical URL
  • built-in site map.

After loading the SEO Framework places the display panel next to the posts and pages so you can see at a glance their SEO status.

Price: SEO Framework – free download. If you want to buy the extensions Manager, it costs from $ 30 per month for the business version, which supports up to 50 sites.

Plug-ins performance for enterprises

Search engines is not enough to find your website. It should work brilliantly, otherwise visitors will quickly leave the website. If your website is running slowly, try the following plugins.


WP Smush free plugin available on the WordPress website. Provides image compression that optimizes the load time of images without compromising their quality. It optimizes all the images in JPEG, GIF and PNG and saves a lot of storage space.

WP Smush automatically optimizes the images while loading. There is also a massive data processing that compresses up to 50 images at a time.


Jetpack is a package of functions to ensure safety and optimization on the WordPress site. The plugin provides:

  • the security of your site
  • optimizing website performance
  • optimization of traffic growth,
  • optimization of images
  • optimizing the site’s appearance.

Jetpack also extends the distribution to automatically share content with third party services, including search engines. This will help the website to increase the coverage and volume of traffic, thus preventing a hacker attack. The plugin also generates a Sitemap so search engines easily index the website.

A nice feature is that every five minutes, it monitors your website for problems with downtime and immediately notifies you when something goes wrong.

Price: the premium package is about $ 3.50 per month and provides spam filtering, backup, archiving, and premium support.

Today WordPress is the most popular and well-regarded content management system on the Internet, in which a healthy economy enterprises, creators and developers of the plugins works together to ensure the smooth operation of the ecosystem.

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