Best plugins for creating galleries in WordPress

WordPress offers many plugins to create galleries, but it is sometimes difficult to stay in one of them. First of all, you need to decide what goals you pursue and, in fact, why do you need such a plugin. To decide, compare the ratings of the plugins, features and user reviews.

In this review, we compare 4 plugin for photo galleries WordPress: NextGEN Gallery, Tribulant Slideshow Gallery, Grand Flagallery and BestWebSoft Gallery.

Rating plugins

  • NextGEN Gallery with rating of 3.9 stars has almost 11 million downloads. There’s quite a lot of conflicting reviews about its functionality and various errors that occur after the next update. This is the first and only plugin from the developer photocrati.
  • A rating of Tribulant Slideshow Gallery from Tribulant Software — is 4.1 stars and almost half a million downloads. This plugin focuses on the function of the slide show, which I must say, is doing quite successfully. Users appreciate this plugin for easy setup and quick support.
  • The rating of Grand Flagallery from the developer Rattus – 4.3 stars and more than 1 million downloads. Among other things, this plugin can be used to create video and mp3 galleries, udobne to use through various gadgets.
  • Plugin BestWebSoft Gallery from BestWebSoft company with the highest of the listed plugins rating of 4.4 stars and nearly a million downloads. The popularity of the plugin is due to the frequency of updates, many features and prompt technical support.

Now more about each plugin.

1. NextGEN Gallery

NextGen Gallery is one of the most popular plugins of WordPress for its versatility, and the nice and simple interface.

The plugin allows you to add multiple images to the gallery, to create multiple galleries, add a description to each of them, to add a gallery to the page or share it using shortcode. And, of course, you will be able to see the slide show.

Also NextGen Gallery is able to import meta-data and has a well-designed image editor. You can easily download a large number of photos in a zip archive or FTP, which is very convenient. NextGen Gallery also offers a wide range of functions for working with icons galleries.

Unfortunately, based on feedback over the past few months the plugin discovered a lot of mistakes. Some of them were solved. The Pro version of NextGen Gallery opens a new useful functions.

2. Tribulant Slideshow Gallery

Tribulant Slideshow Gallery works on Java script and therefore operates quickly. In addition, it is universal and will not conflict with themes/plugins from other developers.

The main feature of this plugin is very high-quality slideshow that will be useful for people who often need to show slides. For example, to give lectures.

Tribulant Slideshow Gallery allows you to display a large number of galleries on your site, including the slide gallery supports displaying slides from posts or pages. All components of the slideshow can easily be customized. The plugin supports both short and normal codes.

Tribulant Slideshow Gallery allows you to customize almost everything: speed, spacing, color, and other elements associated with the style of your slideshow.

However, unlike other plugins, Tribulant Slideshow Gallery has a limited capacity of the gallery, so it will be better to use it together with other similar plugins.

3. Grand Flagallery

Grand Flagallery is the best choice, if you often use your mobile phone or tablet. Like other plugins Grand Flagallery has all basic functions: creating galleries, uploading infinite number of images, edit them and add descriptions.

This plugin is perfectly compatible with iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry and well SEO optimized. He can create a gallery for photos, video files, MP3 files, NIVO slider or widget for a slideshow. Pleasant trifle: in the gallery you can add background music.

The only significant drawback Grand Flagallery is the use of Flash, as it may not work on all devices. And another thing: the plugin is not friendly with FTP, if that.

4. BestWebSoft Gallery

BestWebSoft Gallery has many different very useful features. First of all, it is worth noting user-friendly interface that makes work easy and clear. This plugin allows you to create multiple galleries with any number of photos and description under each.

A plugin can place all images on one page or create multiple separate pages, protecting you from too much scrolling. The plugin supports HQ format that preserves the image quality. In addition, you can share the gallery with friends via shortcode or you can add it to the page.

BestWebSoft Gallery allows you to add a caption and Alt tag to each photo and change the size of cover and photos in the album. The function of slide show gives you the opportunity to enjoy them to the fullest.

BestWebSoft Gallery updated regularly. Its simplicity, functionality and nice interface is popular with beginners and more advanced users. And the Pro version of the plugin opens up even more possibilities.

Moreover, BestWebSoft Gallery includes Brazilian, Portuguese, Bulgarian, Chinese, Czech, Dutch, French, German, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Spanish, Turkish and Ukrainian languages.

The results

In General all plugins are good. Their functions are slightly different, and users can choose the most suitable.

Tribulant Slideshow Gallery is a great choice for those who need a wide range of functions slide show. This plugin is the best among their own kind.

Grand Flagallery will be useful for people who prefer mobile devices. This is the only plugin with full compatibility with them.

The plugin BestWebSoft Gallery and NextGen Gallery are very similar and designed for the same target user base. However, if you read the comments NextGen Gallery a lot more problems due to encountered errors. BestWebSoft Gallery on the contrary praised for high-quality and fast support.

You just have to make your choice and enjoy! Good luck!

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