Best video plugins for WordPress

Insert video into your website is a great way to Supplement the pages of the web online media content and enhance user experience your subscribers. Sometimes it’s better to explain something, to tell or show with the video clip for a few minutes, than to write about this long post that few will read to the end.

By default, WordPress provides automatic conversion of embedded links from YouTube, Vimeo and other video hosting sites and paste that content in posts on the go. So that additional plugins may not be useful.

For those who prefer more fine-tuning and wants to use plugins to insert videos on a website, there are several ways to add videos, lists, videos, and even monetize their videos. But about all under the order.

Here are a few popular plugins for working with videos on the pages of your WordPress site.

JW Player

In short, this WordPress plugin allows you present video content to other users based on player media JW Player. It supports playback in HTML5, skins and plugins for player, as well as AdSolution —all without a single line of code. The plugin will perfectly complement the built-in media Manager of WordPress.

Main features:

  • Built and managed the player: you Can add one site, multiple versions of the player and neither a single line of code is not necessary to write it himself.
  • Manage playlists: Create lists and manage playlists based on the media files that are already in your library.
  • Plugins: All the advantages of player JW Player, including work with the plugins for SOC. networks, Tweet It and Facebook Itand work with playlists by using Flow.
  • Advertising & monetization: Run LongTail Video AdSolution to monetize your video content. This is a great solution in order to account for video monetization to pay for your hosting and even earn a little pocket money.

HTML5 Video Player

A single HTML5 player that works on Android, while having a great quality playback, lots of skins and possibility to create / display lists for playback.

Video Player WordPress Plugin

This plugin will help you administer your media files with user-friendly interface, and enable / disable additional settings and themes via CSS. There are 2 versions of this plugin: one with the playlist displayed on the right, the other at the bottom.

Supports playback of such files:

  • encoded FLV/H. 264MP4, M4V, M4A, MOV, Mp4v, F4V
  • YouTube
  • RTMP (using FMS or RED5) and streams live video broadcasts RTMP

Also, this plugin can play audio files in MP3 format, and supports Google Analytics.

Vimeo Video Player

Supports appearance settings and playlist files and lists, working with video hosting Vimeo. There is support for Google Analytics.

Chameleon – HTML5 Video Player

Chameleon is one of the most fun players working with HTML5. But there’s no support for video playback in full screen mode in Internet Explorer; for Firefox not support mp4. Chameleon allows you to solve a number of problems with playback in full screen mode due to the technology of “Flash backup“.

Spider Video Player

Spider Video Player plugin for video WordPress, to easily and quickly add videos to the site or organize a playlist of video files on the site. Considered one of the best players for video directory plugin for WordPress. It has user-friendly interface, and embed it in any page, applying different settings to play lists (shuffle, full screen playback, choose video quality-video, etc.)

VideoJS – HTML5 Video Player

Built this plugin based on the library Video.js HTML5. It can be used to embed video in post or page using HTML5 with alternative Flash playback for the browsers that don’t support HTML5.

Which of the following plug-ins and players you like the most? Let us know in the comments to this post.

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