Best WordPress plugin for inserting tables and graphs

Whether you know it or not, but initially, WordPress does not support adding tables to posts and pages of the website. But there are many plugins that will help to fix it and display different types of tables. Today we take a look at a few of them and find out what plug-ins you can use additional external resources to populate these tables with data.

1. TablePress

Not every day you see a plugin with so many downloads, like this one, but still with a rating of 5 stars out of 5. Meet one of the most popular plugin for creating tables in WordPress TablePress, which has already managed to download nearly half a million times.

He is the official continuation of the already existing plugin WP-Table Reloaded to create tables in the blog.

Each table is created individually in the backend of the website using the visual Builder, and then using shortcodes added to all the pages or writing.

The TablePress plugin contains the following features:

  • Create tables without HTML
  • The ability to hold any type of data
  • Cells into multiple rows or columns
  • Use formulas to calculate data
  • Sorting strings
  • Pagination tables
  • Filter data in a table
  • Use external CSV files to generate tables
  • CSS for styling the table

The basic version of the plugin is free, but there are still many premium add-onsthat will make the table more functional and useful. However, even the initial version will be enough to create a quality table.

The plugin has a friendly interface and is compatible with many other tools WordPress, which greatly facilitates the process of its use.

2. Easy Table

Not inferior in ranking to the previous plugin and this one 4.8 stars out of 5. But with Easy Table you can easily create a table right in the post editor using shortcodes and not by moving them to the desired page-write, as in TablePress.

What a way to add tables more convenient to solve, of course, you. Although it should be noted that creating tables on the fly along with the recording has its advantages.

Here are a few features that distinguish the plugin from previous leader:

  • Adding tables to widgets
  • Creating dynamic tables with the file
  • A secure WYSIWYG editor
  • Setting a fixed table width
  • Cells into multiple rows or columns
  • Sorting multiple columns using shortcode

Based on the functions of these two plugins, it is important to choose the most convenient way to create tables: using the visual Builder TablePress or using shortcodes Easy Table.

3. wpDataTables

While plugins are great for users who wants to quickly and easily create tables in WordPress and then add them to the page or record, the plugin wpDataTables helps to go beyond these tasks.

With this plugin you can use the data from a file or database to populate tables and graphs in your WordPress site.

And you will need the following functions:

  • Create dynamic tables that are updated with the data source
  • Add creation settings filter, sort, print, export data
  • Create charts from external data sources
  • Use queries to Excel, CSV, MySQL as data source to populate the table
  • Customize the appearance of tables

Like the principle of creating tables using the plugin TablePress, tables, and charts in wpDataTables plugin are created and managed outside of posts and pages of WordPress (namely the admin control panel) and then added to the desired content by adding shortcodes.

So this premium plug is convenient for those who wish to create tables and charts using external data sources. The more that him to do it very, very simple.

4. Google Chart

If the previous wpDataTables plugin to add a charts in your posts and pages you completely satisfied, but you don’t need tools for creating tables, in this case, you will need plug-in Google Chart.

It is a premium plugin but its functionality and usefulness more than justify the cost of $8.

To create graphs and charts in entries WordPress uses data from the Google Spreadsheet. That is not a plugin to create tables, but it allows you to display a number of graphs that are updated along with the Google sheet. It’s very easy to use, add data to tables and create dynamic charts in WordPress.

5. Easy Pricing Tables

If you need a tool to create a price list and add this table into WordPress, you should look at this plugin. It is available in a free version with a set of useful functions that can be expanded using the premium version. Namely:

  • Responsive design for mobile devices
  • Create an unlimited number of rows
  • Customize colors and font sizes
  • Reorder columns using drag & drop

The premium version includes four additional features: table formatting, additional settings, add Google Analytics, a choice of icons to add to the table. In General, the Easy Pricing Tables plugin is perfect for creating impressive price or comparison table products.

6. League Table

Plugin League Table tool to add tables of results in sports competitions, teams, players and other tournament tables in the entry on the WordPress website.

Such tables are most often used to compare results, data or statistics of any institutions, companies, etc.

If you prefer this plug-in working with tables and data will be useful for the following functions:

  • Sort table on multiple columns
  • The choice of color for table settings
  • Adaptive design for mobile devices
  • Adding tables using shortcodes

If necessary, you can add the standings to the website with all the functions offered by this premium plugin.


Let’s hope that today’s selection of plug-ins will help you to decide how you want to create and add tables. So you can create a table directly in posts together with other content or in control panel, and add it using shortcode to the desired page.

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