Best WordPress plugin to create and print PDF files

Today, WordPress is evolving at the speed of light. Constantly come out with new widgets, plugins and themes. For the experienced user to understand them will not be easy, but a beginner can easily get lost in this maze releases. However, with a little help you will easily be able to understand them.

Creating PDF documents is a relatively new feature in WordPress. However, there are many plugins available to add it to your website. Therefore, we decided to consider most popular of them. This plugin PDF24 Article To PDF, WP Post to PDF Enhanced, Print Friendly and PDF Button and a PDF & Print.

What’s the difference?

At first glance it may seem that the difference between these plug-ins are small, as they are all designed to create PDF documents. The main function runs all the plug-ins well enough, but there are small details that distinguish one plugin from another. Let us consider in detail each plugin.

1. PDF24 Article To PDF

The plugin PDF24 Article To PDF is one of the oldest plugins, so it may not work properly with new versions of WordPress. PDF24 Article to PDF downloaded about 70 thousand users and a rating of 3.4 out of 5 stars.

The plugin creates a PDF file from the post on your website, however, does not allow him to print, because it has no such option. Instead, the plugin offers a few links to create a PDF file located in different places on the page so that it is difficult not to notice. Locality of reference is freely adjustable, but keep in mind that this determines whether you will create a PDF file for all articles or only for one. In a hurry, of course, can be mixed.

Although the plugin does not allow to make printing it offers you two ways to create a PDF file.

The plugin supports custom fields, which is a definite advantage. In addition, you can download the file immediately or receive it by e-mail. It may be not very convenient from the point of view of protection from spam. Some users are just uncomfortable once again shares his e-mail.

2. WP Post to PDF Enhanced

This plugin, as the previous one, developed on the basis of earlier versions of WP. Although he is not so popular among the users (almost 14 thousand downloads and the 4.9 star), the plugin has all chances to become successful.

Like the previous plugin, WP Post to PDF Enhanced allows you to save posts and pages as PDF files that can be downloaded or printed. There is a button to create a PDF, but there is no button for printing that is not very convenient.

Detailed settings allow you to customize almost everything, positively distinguish this plugin from the same number. You can choose post types to create a PDF, the user types that can create PDF documents (for example, only registered) and many more.

Another advantage of this plugin is that it creates PDF files without leaving the original page, and users will not be forwarded to suspicious sites. Unfortunately, the plugin doesn’t support HTML and does not recognize images within the text when printing.

3. Print Friendly and PDF Button

Print Friendly and PDF Button is a veteran among PDF plugin with nearly 500k+ downloads and a rating of 4.2 stars. This plug-in is the oldest among similar products. Print Friendly and PDF Button allows you to delete individual parts and image from the text in the preview mode, which is very useful.

Instead of new tabs or Windows, Print Friendly and PDF Button opens a lightbox that allows you to stay on the page. However, this feature can interfere with all kinds of firewalls and proxy servers, slowing performance and significantly reduces the attractiveness of this plugin for business websites.

It is noteworthy that this plugin allows users to add the prefix “eco”, as it optimizes the text to save paper when printing. This technology is not used by other plugins and is therefore a huge bonus for the Print Friendly and PDF Button.

Plus you can also call and strict privacy policy. You can be sure that your email address or any other personal information will not be disclosed.

Although the one fly in the ointment is still there. Using the free version of the plugin, you’ll have to deal with Intrusive ads. They appear in the confirmation window e-mail address, as well as on the page of the printout.

In order to disable these ads, you will need to pay a monthly fee, which often fails, and the ads appear again. None of the reporting plugins such things are not used, because it can negatively affect the overall appearance of the site.

4. PDF & Print

PDF & Print is one of the youngest and most promising plugins developed by BestWebSoft. He currently has been downloaded more than 34 thousand times and appreciated by 4.8 stars out of five.

Over the past six months, the plugin has been significantly improved, which significantly expanded its capabilities. PDF & Print create two simple buttons on your website. To create a PDF file you only need to click on the appropriate button. All the rest will do the plugin.

As PDF & Print uses the MPDF library, you will be forwarded to another site, and your PDF file will be nearly identical to a regular PDF document. After that you will be able to download the document or print it by clicking the second button.

PDF & Print supports any post types in WordPress, including custom. In addition, you can create PDF documents for your archive and search pages, and even portfolio. The position of the buttons easily customizable depending on your preferences, like and template PDF document.

Finally, the PDF & Print supports using a short code, which significantly saves time.


The installation process for all plugins is virtually identical. Need to download the zip archive with the plugin, unpack it into a directory, and then configure as you wish.

However, in the case of WP Post to PDF Enhanced – not specified type of downloadable file, and also can be not quite clear what to do with the archive to unpack into the directory or just copy. However, if you are familiar with installing plugins, you are unlikely to encounter any problems.


Even if the standard setting of the plugins you are satisfied with, sometimes you need to configure them for themselves. WP Post to PDF Enhanced, Print Friendly and PDF Button and PDF24 Article to PDF allows you to specify the format and style of a PDF document. WP Post to PDF Enhanced are particularly useful as you can customize almost everything.

As for PDF & Print, its settings are different from the rest of the plugins. The plugin does not provide the manual settings. However, if needed, for a small fee, a team of professional developers willing to do it for you. Because the configuration of this plugin may require a lot of time and effort.


Multilingual WordPress plugin, of course, especially popular. Unfortunately, WP Post to PDF Enhanced and PDF24 Article to PDF do not support other languages than English. Print Friendly and PDF Button offers more than 20 languages, which makes it especially popular among non-English users.

And here is a PDF & Print initially it has three versions: English, Russian and Ukrainian. However, if you want to create your own language pack for this plugin, the developers will gladly add it to the settings.

The results

All four of the plugin is simple and reliable in operation and management. Create a PDF file takes only a few minutes.

However, if you regularly update WordPress or want to immediately print the created PDF files, PDF24 Article to PDF may not be suitable.

The interface of WP Post to PDF Enhanced is a bit inconvenient due to the lack of the same button print. However, it is ideal for those who like to configure everything manually.

The environmentalists will be pleased to work with Print Friendly and PDF Buttonas this is the only plugin that cares about the environment.

Finally, the PDF & Print it has enough features, is compatible with other plugins and also allows you to create a portfolio. This plugin is perfect for business websites and users. As you can see, none of the plugins are not perfect, but you can always try and decide what you like.

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