Best WordPress plugins for rich snippets

So you can highlight your site in Google and other search engines, you need to add rich snippets (rich snippets) in WordPress. You’ve seen those eye-catching details, such as review stars, videos, and pictures of the recipes that really make the site great in the search results:

To add rich snippets, you need a data markup

Although most people say they want to add rich snippets to WordPress rich snippets are actually the result of adding structured data or microdata. These two terms are not 100% identical but they are functionally the same for normal users. Therefore, this article will use the term microdata.

The data markup conveys additional context about your content in search engines.

For example, the data markup tells Google, “this particular room is the review I gave this product. It gets 4.5 stars of 5 possible stars.”

As soon as Google get this information from microdata, it uses it to add rich snippets to content WordPress website in the list of organic search queries, for example, displaying the rating stars.

How to add proper data markup in WordPress

All plug-ins with advanced snippets below will give you an easy way to add the data markup in WordPress. However, they work differently, so make sure you chose the option that is best for your needs.

1. Schema Pro

Schema Pro – plugin with the add-on premium markup from Brainstorm Force, the same team of developers of the popular themes Astra.

The plugin simplifies the use of markup in JSON-LD, made in accordance with recommendations from Google:

Using the data markup to JSON-LD Schema Pro helps to rich snippets without adding new content to your website. Schema Pro has a very flexible implementation, especially if you use the website custom field.

The functionality of the plugin Schema Pro:

  • Supports 13 different types of markup, from reviews to recipes and events.
  • Automatically displays the marking data from the existing WordPress data (for example, making the equal to the author of WordPress).
  • Enables you to use rules to include/exclude to control which content gets the type of microdata. For example, you can automatically apply a type of data markup to review all records in the category “Reviews”.
  • Allows you to add new custom fields to populate other data, such as a rating review.
  • You can map data microdata with custom fields, including those added by such tools as “Additional user fields”, “Set of tools” or “Training”.

Although it’s not free, if you’re serious about advanced snippets and data markup, Schema, Pro provides maximum flexibility and can also automate data markup at a level that is not offered by other plugins.

Price: 59 USD, or part of a package of Astra Agency Bundle.

2. WP Review Pro

The plugin name is a bit deceiving you –WP Review Pro, but it’s not a simple plug-in to view products, although it definitely allows you to do that too.

WP Review Pro actually supports 14 different types of rich snippets for topics: restaurants, recipes, software applications, and, of course, product reviews.

This plugin works differently than the plugin Schema Pro. While Schema Pro just adds the code quietly behind the scenes (visitors never see), WP Review Pro actually adds new content to your post.

This approach is not necessarily better or worse than Schema Pro is what you need to consider. To control how this window looks, you can choose one of 16 pre-defined designs.

In addition to this functionality, WP Review Pro also offers a function-oriented review:

  • Evaluation/user feedback.
  • Integration with Google Places, Yelp reviews, Facebook reviews and WooCommerce.
  • 10 custom widgets to display records on the basis of ratings reviews.

Price: $ 67.

3. All in One Rich Snippets

All in One Rich Snippets – this is the first in this list is a free plugin with free snippets. The developer of the plugin Brainstorm Force is the same as the plugin Schema Pro. But while the developer is the same, All in One Rich Snippets has more to do with the plugin WP Review Pro than Pro Schema.

All in One Rich Snippets also adds a new external content to your site visitors this content to see. By default, this box is tatty and doesn’t look as beautiful as content fields WP Review Pro. But All in One Rich Snippets are 100% free, and the style is that you can customize with CSS.

The functionality of the plugin:

  • Supports 8 different types of microdata, including reviews, recipes, products, etc.
  • Allows you to customize the types of microdata.
  • You can preview how it will look like the snippet in the search engine.

Price: Free.

4. Rich Snippets WordPress

Rich Snippets WordPress is the most popular plugin in CodeCanyon microdata, where it has more than 1,500 sales.

One of the most unique features of the plugin is that it gives access to each type of microdata from

After selecting the type of microdata that you want to add Rich Snippets WordPress tries to link a portion of your existing content with information about data markup. The rest must be entered manually.

Although the coverage is great, the interface is more time consuming than most other plugins, so there is a compromise. But if you want to get access to all types of microdata from this is the best plugin.

Price: $ 67.

5. WP Rich Snippets

WP Rich Snippets is another popular premium option, which is very similar to WP Review Pro and All in One the Rich Snippets. It adds a new content field to the interface of your website, together with the appropriate data markup for the content in this field.

It includes support for the most popular types, including reviews, recipes, organization and more.

In addition to the basic version premium, there are additional add-ons that add more types of microdata, as well as user reviews and comparison.

Although WP Rich Snippets is a reliable option, a new version of Schema Pro and WP Review Pro now offer the best functionality, so the WP Rich Snippets is no longer so high in the list of the best, as once.

Price: $ 69.

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