Best WordPress plugins for social media buttons for 2016

Adding buttons for social networks on your website using WordPress plugins, you choose simple and effective way to increase the number of reposts. You can place buttons with social icons on the top, bottom or on the sides of the posts, and also add counters to display the number of reposts.

In this article we’ll introduce you to the best plugins for social media function to Share that you might need in 2016.

But before we proceed, let’s turn our attention to some very good premium plugins.

Easy Social Share Buttons

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This premium plugin is available on for $19. This is one of the most versatile plugin of this kind, due to one simple fact — the plugin allows you to place a bar with buttons for social networks in any place where it may be required.

We believe this is the best plugin for social buttons, so I decided to install it on our blog. Under this post you can see an example of the social buttons from ESSB.

Using the plugin you can add a floating bar of icons to place buttons on top/bottom of the post, to create a static or even a floating bar icons for mobile version. You can also use triggers, for example, to add functionality pop-up and fly-in.

It should be mentioned that the plug-in more than 25 different templates from which you can always choose the option that is best will be combined with the design of your website.

Monarch from Elegant Themes

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Monarch is a paid plugin for social networking, which comes with tariff plans Elegant Theme”s Developer and Lifetime Access. These plans comprise more than 85 premium themes for WordPress and all other plugins from this developer. Unfortunately, company policy is that you can’t buy separately only the plugin itself. You pay the entire tariff plan and get access to all premium plugins and themes developer.

Monarch is a responsive plugin that allows you to host a spectacular floating bars on the sides of the post or the static horizontal bars in the beginning/the end of the post. Monarch provides more than 20 icons for social networking, there are image-sharing, pop-up and fly-in functions, as well as many options for decoration and design.

Social Warfare

Social Warfare is an interesting plugin from the company Warfare Plugins. It is not as versatile as the previous two options because it allows you to add only floating bar that sticks to the bottom of the screen. But this shortcoming kompensiruet great price options and a huge number of other functions.

The plugin provides Analytics, the ability to show the number of posts just after the post will share a certain number of people, also there are over 75 different options for registration. You can use a plugin to add click-to-tweet in your posts.

Free plugins for social networking

Now let’s move on to our list of the best free plugins that are worth paying attention to in 2016.

SumoMe Share

The plugin SumoMe is known primarily thanks to its tools to increase traffic, but it is no wonder that we included it in this list. In the free version of the plugin included the SumoMe Share app that places a floating or static bar for social media buttons anywhere on your website.

SumoMe Share Pro comes with additional features. For example, here is an opportunity to remove the SumoMe branding from your bar, you can monitor UTM-tags to find out which social networks generate the most traffic, etc.


GetSocial is a free responsive plugin for social networking. It allows you to place the floating bar on the side of your post or a static bar at the top/bottom. In the free version you will also find various options for registration.

The developers have introduced a premium version of the plugin (with monthly fee). In it you will find the function to add a floating bar for mobile versions and additional design options, there is a click-to-tweet. In the paid version you will also have the opportunity to remove the meter from the buttons, which is responsible for the number of reposts.

AddToAny Share Buttons

AddToAny Share Buttons is one of the most popular WordPress plugins for social networking with more than 200,000 active installations. This plugin puts a simple floating bars on the sides of your post, as well as at the beginning or the end.

With this plugin you can change some functions, for example, to set the size of icons for social networking, to set the distance between the top of the page and the bar, etc. One of the most enjoyable and almost unique features of this plugin is that it allows you to add icons of more than 90 different social networks, communities and services.

Custom Share Buttons with Floating Sidebar

This plugin also allows you to add floating bar of social networking on the sides, at the beginning and at the end of posts. This is not a responsive plugin and its customization possibilities are limited, but, nevertheless, it is a great alternative.

Premium version provides additional features such as responsive design, option to hide the floating bar with social icons on home page, responsive contact form with the function of the lightbox that appears when the user clicks on the Mail icon, etc.

Sharify Social Share Buttons

This is not a known plugin, but the responsive and nice design make it one of the main contenders for the title of leader in our list of “the Best free plugins of 2016”. This is a simple plugin with a really great, neat design, the result of which will look good on your website.

The main disadvantage of this plugin is that there is no possibility to create floating bars and you cannot add bars on the sides of the post. There is also not enough bars for mobile devices, so if necessary, you will have to install additional plugins to your website.


No matter which social networks you choose, you must first verify that its design will match the design of your website and icons will look perfectly next to the post and will not distract attention from the main content.

If you decide to add static bars, install them either in the beginning of the post, or at the very end. Remember that the floating bars give the chance to the visitor to share interesting information at any time, no matter how far he scrolled down. Don’t forget also that many users will view your website from mobile devices, so make sure bars are for social networking will be optimized for mobile devices.

And what are the plugins for social buttons do you use?

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