Changelog WordPress — How to know when your site something went wrong

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Often after updates of plugins, themes or WordPress something breaks, and the reasons for this are not always obvious. In order to know when and what changes were carried out on the site and have created a free plugin WordPress Changelog:

I think we should list the features of the plugin. WordPress is able to track the Changelog:

  • the installation of plugins and themes
  • the activation of plugins and themes
  • updating plugins and themes
  • deactivation of plugins and themes
  • remove plugins and themes
  • translation updates
  • update WordPress

To install and configure the plugin there is no difficulty. Immediately after activation the plugin starts writing the changelog on the website.

To view the change history, you need to navigate the menu: Console > WordPress Changelog.

For convenience, you added a filter, now you can filter by type of changes:

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In the near future we plan to add:

  • tracking reinstall WordPress
  • export of data in CSV format
  • to track the user who performed the action
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