Creating WordPress themes

The modern world is hard to imagine without the Internet, websites and templates to create them. The template is the Foundation of any web project. The most popular templates for websites are considered to be WordPress theme.

WordPress theme — what is it?

The availability of a wide range of solutions for WordPress provide an opportunity to engage your audience, traffic, and create high quality and visually appealing website. Using WordPress template, you can modify the structure and design of the web resource anytime. The theme of this CMS system has a comfortable and intuitive interface, so the modification process will not take much time and effort.

Examples of WordPress templates

The art gallery website

Site of construction company

Christmas WordPress template


Photo gallery online

How to make WordPress themes?

To create a WordPress page (pages) and post (write). The difference is that recording:

  • posted on the main page in the ribbon.
  • they need to specify a category;
  • they need to chronological information;
  • they can’t be a tree.


  • used for posting information such as: About me, Contacts, etc.;
  • they do not need category;
  • they tree structure.

Creating pages in WordPress

Often it is necessary to create separate page templates. When creating pages in WordPress you can modify it: remove the sidebar, header, footer, allowing her to completely renovate beyond recognition.

There are several ways to create pages in WordPress.

  1. Create a page using the file with any name and its connection in the administration panel (most popular method).
  2. The creation of a page through a file with a specific name (the hierarchy of template files).
  3. Create a page using “template_include” filter (coding).

Most often to create pages in WordPress choose the first way, which is accessible, understandable and easy to practice. All settings and operations take time, which is important when creating a website.

Creating entries in WordPress

To create entries, use the admin panel. There are two ways to add records to the site.

  1. Open admin panel Add Page.
  2. Or go to the menu Page and Add new.

Assign the new page a name and all, it is created and ready to be filled with content.

How to edit WordPress themes?

Edit the theme using WordPress admin panel

In the admin, open appearance-Editor and in the column on the right contains all the theme files that you can edit. Scroll to the desired file, make the changes and update.

This method is indispensable if necessary to make small changes.

Editing files through file Manager of hosting

Each host has a file Manager that will help you to edit the theme. For example, hosting , allows you to make changes without installing additional software. Template files are in one folder, where you can find the one you want to edit. It is much easier and clearer than to see before my eyes all the template code and try it to find something.

Edit the template via ftp

This method is suitable if you want to make changes to multiple files located in different folders:

  • Start the ftp client. To connect via ftp. You can use Total Commander or FileZilla. Check the connection to your site and open the folder WordPress template: /wp-content/themes/nazvaniyami/
  • Copy to local disk file you want to edit.
  • Open the program to edit code (e.g., Notepad++ or Dreamweaver) the saved file and make any changes.

How to change WordPress theme?

  1. Open the menu admin panel, appearance-Themes.
  2. Click Add new.
  3. Can download a template (theme) from computer files, to do this, click to Upload the theme:
  • The section Chosen is the recommended topics.
  • In the section Popular are presented popular templates.
  • In the section Fresh presents the latest topics.
  1. Use the filter features for pattern matching. A tick in the required specifications:
  • Color;
  • Markup;
  • Function;
  • The main theme and press Apply filter.

From the list of filtered templates to choose suitable for installation template.

  1. If desired, before installation, you can click Viewto see how the site will look like.
  2. Click Install.
  3. After installation, click Activate.

WordPress templates easy to work with. Thanks to the clear structure of the administrative panel and the presence of a large number of settings, you can create a modern and designer sites. And most importantly, that if necessary, it is possible to make adjustments and edit the existing web resource.

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