deAdblocker — how to ask visitors to turn off AdBlock for your WordPress website

On the Internet a lot of advertising. Wherever you went — at each site a bunch of banner ads urging you to buy something. Sometimes the situation comes to the absurd level where on the page ads than useful content. All this is forcing users to install different add-ons to their browsers that block ads.

But what if you’re the owner of an interesting and readable blog, and your only source of income with a blog is advertising? Moreover, you came to the correctly targeting your audience and show readers only relevant ads and not clutter up stupid banners all useful area of the site.

In this case, ask your visitors to add your website to the exceptions list, ad blockers and make it unobtrusive and convenient way?

Our partners and colleagues, Studio, made a simple and elegant solution to this problem in the form of a free plugin for WordPress — deAdblocker. In this short review we’ll show you how to set deAdblocker to ask visitors to turn off AdBlock for your WordPress website.


deAdblocker is a free plugin for WordPress that detects when the visitor is enabled, AdBlock, and shows the notification with a request to add a site to the white list. The plugin takes up very little space, is easy to set up and not cluttering up the site with heavy code.


Immediately after installing and activating the plugin you will see a new section in the menu: Settings → deAdblocker. Let’s just turn and configure the plugin.

In the settings menu you will see 2 available way notifications to users. Check for your suitable method of notification:

You can show your readers the strip with the text in the header (header bar) or pop-up window with the text in the center of the screen (modal dialog).

Header bar

When selecting strips with text, you can set the background color of the stripes and the color of the text. And, of course, the text of the notice:

On the website it will look like this:

Modal dialog

When choosing a pop-up window you can customize the title and text of the notice:

Below you will see 2 settings for pop-UPS. The default Dismissible. This means that readers will be able to close the window by clicking the Close button. The second option (without the ability to get rid of Windows until you disable AdBlock) so far. Most likely, the developers will add this feature in the updated version of the plugin.

On the website a pop-up window looks like this:

The results

As you can see, there’s quite quite a bit of settings. To install and configure, need just 2 minutes. This is a big plus. However, the plugin does its work and asks users to add a website to the exceptions list in AdBlock is quite simple and non-Intrusive way.

As for the function to show a popup window without the possibility to close it, there is a question. A few like it, but in any case, developers still have to wait a little with this option.

In General, the plugin we loved it, recommend to try! If you have any questions or requests, please write in the comments!

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