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Recently, our partners at has launched its own commercial WordPress plugin for review under the name de:comments. In this post we will do a review of the new plugin, will talk about their experiences and try to understand what de:Disqus comments better.

As you know, most websites and blogs already have a comment system like Disqus, Cackle, SV-Kament, IntenseDebate, SolidOpinion, Livefyre, and Facebook HyperComments finally Сomments.

In decided to collect the best of all popular systems, worked on the built-in WordPress commenting system and improved the technical side of the work — and so created his own commercial plugin for comment. Let’s see how it works compared to other systems commenting.

Features Of Disqus

The most popular service today is the Disqus commenting platform. Here’s how it mechanism:

  • If your site has registration and authorization option, then installed the Disqus commenting system will still need to login (via an account or an account in one of social. networks). You can use a SSO-solution (a single authorization on the website and Disqus), but the number of users who with it will understand — is negligible.
  • Using Disqus for a long time leads to the fact that accumulated a huge database of comments and meta-data to them (likes/dislikes, the user’s rating, badges, files, comments and other information). Once you go to WordPress built-in comments or other third-party commenting system — all meta-data will remain in Disqus. This means that you will have no data about the likes, no pictures, prints date and time for the review.
  • When using third-party service reviews you can’t edit their appearance and localization terminology (customization of the platform is extremely low).

Definitely a huge plus Disqus or Facebook Сomments is free, but the problems we face are not worth any savings, according to the developers.

The advantages of de:comments

A new plugin is available as a boxed solution (non-SaaS) with an annual fee for support and receive automatic updates.

The main features of the plugin include:

  • Full localizability: make all terms in the PO file that allows you to easily and quickly translate it to your language or just to Tinker under the style of the website.
  • A rich palette of languages, including Belarusian, Spanish, German, Polish, Portuguese, Russian and Ukrainian languages.
  • Any customization of graphics and styles plugin via simple editing of files. The team intends to develop themes to review and improve the interface for user configuration of colors, fonts, icons, and other features.
  • Support for simultaneous authorization and review de:comments and native commenting system of WordPress.
  • Full integration with the best open-source social login plugin WP Social Login with support for all available social networks:

  • Support MultiSite technology: one license can be used for network sites.
  • The system of likes and dislikes allowed, as well as badges, “karma” and sort of review for each user:

  • Download of the media content and links in comments automatically “pulling” data from external sources:

  • Adaptive layout, the comment block adapts to the layout of your WordPress theme.

Additionally plugin de:support comments:

  • Authorization protection from the selection / substitution of someone else’s mail
  • Editing and deleting reviews without losing answers branch
  • Quoting and adding snippets of the quoted text
  • AJAX loading unit reviews and endless comments instead of page turning, which eliminates the page is reloaded
  • Receive alerts by email and subscribe to comments to a specific post, article or news
  • Share links to reviews in the social. networks (social sharing).

The issue price

How much is all this? Let’s look at prices:

Here, we use the classical scheme of “take more, pay less”. The starting price of $50 for one website may seem large, but once you understand the benefits and intricacies of the plugin already do not think so.

The decision can be called balanced, and flexible customization and configuration to justify all the costs. Soon the team promises a free version with reduced features and a referral program, and so far, all suggestions and questions are accepted in the section Support.

Discount coupon

In honor of the launch of de:comments discount 30% all our readers. The discount is valid for all tariff plans on a permanent basis.

In order to use the discount, after selecting an appropriate tariff on the website click “I have promo code” and enter coupon: wpcafe

Impressions of the plugin

As you can see on our blog are already comments from de:comments with social login, and I can share first impressions.

To configure the plugin itself was easy, all the settings are grouped in 7 tabs and it took me just a couple of minutes to sort out and apply the right settings:

Though at first I didn’t quite understand, but was there any point to switch from Disqus, after all, and so worked wonderfully. But a week later surfaced obvious benefits from the use of this plugin, I would like to mention:

  • Download speed. Posts and pages that use comments, become really load faster. And all because the comments are loaded from the database site unlike Disqus, which is loaded each time from an external source.
  • Native comments. As all comments are now part of each page, they are visible for search engines and are indexed as the content of the site. From Disqus with this things a little differently, as far as I know.
  • CSS. To customize the appearance of the review style site is simple. I am not a designer or developer, but I was not difficult to make right-click on the “Send” button, choose Inspect Element in Chrome to see what CSS styles are now used, and to tweak them to your taste in style.css.
  • Email marketing. Thanks to social login for comments you get new users to your WordPress site. Therefore you can use database mail for mailings.
  • Convenient moderation. There are no issues. For spam protection Akismet is enough to put free subscription, and to answer the comments straight from the WordPress dashboard.
  • Additional buns. Of course, this is something that distinguishes this plugin from the built-in WordPress comments. Likes / dislikes, the system of ranking and badges, the ability to embed YouTube videos, social sharing reviews, etc.


Plugin de:comments I definitely enjoyed it. He has incorporated all that was best and already in a box from native WordPress comments, while possessing cool features for customization and settings, which can be only premium solutions. To some it may seem a high price, but the developer promised to add free version. And for those who are interested to try the plugin now, suggest to take advantage of our discount coupon.

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