Display of goods in to WordPress: 6 plugins

If you regularly add detailed reviews of products/goods to your web site, you can use the plugin to display the product it will make them more attractive for SEO. In this article, we have selected the best plugins to view the product on WordPress.

Why use the plugin display product

What do you do when you want to buy something? If you are like most people, you probably browse the related products below to compare various options and choose the best.

That’s why it is so popular sites reviews. Even Amazon, the world’s largest online store shows reviews about the products.

Many owners of WordPress sites write reviews of products to make money online. Some pay directly to the company for review, while others use affiliate programs to generate income.

You can write a product review in the form of a blog post. But a simple blog post does not use the format of the product review, supported by search engines. This means that your article will not appear in the search results in the form of a review:

For best SEO you need to write your reviews using the advanced format schema.org. Plugin display of goods will help you to easily write reviews for display in search engines that also look great on your website.

Let’s look at some of the best plugins for displaying goods on WordPress.

1. WP Product Review Pro

WP Product Review – best plugin to display products/goods of WordPress. It includes a detailed settings section that allows you to choose how you want to manage and display reviews on your website.

Add a product review is quite simple. Select product overview when writing a blog post and the plugin will show you all the settings for writing the corresponding opinion. You can split your review on the function, add image, pros and cons, and more.

The plugin comes with sidebar widgets to show reviews. You can also use it for user feedback or allow users to add their own ratings and reviews in the comments. All the reviews are displayed in a larger format schema.org for maximum SEO results.

2. All in One Schema Rich Snippets

As we mentioned earlier, your reviews must be in the correct format for SEO. All in One Schema Rich Snippets allows you to write different types of posts, using the format of rich snippets, including reviews of products/goods.

Simply select “Item Review” (a review of the product) in the drop-down menu when writing a post in the blog, and the plugin displays the parameters of the review, such as reviewer name, product name and rating stars. It will then display this information below your post in the blog with proper SEO markup.

The plugin can also be used to add articles, products, recipes, software, etc.

3. WP Review Pro

WP Review – another great option to add product reviews to WordPress. It is intuitive and quite easy to use. After the activation of the write a new post and select the type of review.

The plugin supports three types of ratings, points and interest. You can also add different scores for the individual functions. Using the plugin you can support the ratings of users who want to write their own assessment on the product.

WP Review also comes with style options, located under “Settings ” WP Review” (Settings) Here you can choose your own colors for window review to match colors of your website.

4. Rich Reviews

Rich Reviews is a simple free plugin that allows you to add reviews about your own products, services or web site. You can also allow your users to submit feedback.

It uses short codes to display feedback, you can display a survey anywhere on the site, including posts, pages and sidebar widgets.

If you collect the user reviews, this plugin allows you to manually approve each review before it is published. In the settings panel of the plugin provide detailed instructions for its use.

5. WP Customer Reviews

The plugin WP Customer Reviews allows you to collect customer feedback, and create your own related products. After activation, just edit the blog entry in which you want to add a product review or check out the.

Then go to page Reviews “All Reviews (Reviews” All reviews) and click on “Add new button” (Add new button). Then you can choose post and write your opinion. The plugin also allows you to include viewed by the user reviews, which you can then approve and publish on your web site.

This plugin also allows to customize the form of the review presented to users, and comes with a description page with detailed instructions.

6. Site Reviews

The plugin allows Site Reviews to gather customer feedback about your products, goods, services or local businesses. It comes with a simple settings page that allows you to control how you want to collect feedback and how to display them. You can customize the form of the review and display it anywhere on the site using a short code.

You can also see the testimonials using a shortcode. The plugin adds an icon to enter a short code on the edit screen of posts to manually display the reviews, view the form and resume.

We hope that this article has helped you to find the best plug-ins for viewing product for WordPress. You can also see our list of the best plugins for WordPress.

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