Do I need to remove inactive plugins? Slow if they work in WordPress?

Recently one of our readers asked if it’s affected somehow disabled the plugins on the speed and behavior of WordPress work, and whether to delete inactive plugins?

Many WordPress users often install different plugins, test them and then turned off. This is a very common situation when you are trying to find a suitable convenient plug-in, you have to sort through several options.

In this post we will understand whether to delete the inactive plug-ins, and slow if they work WordPress.

Inactive or disabled plug-ins — what is it?

The coolest thing about WordPress is the ability at any time to extend its set of features and functions with plugins.

When you install a new plugin, WordPress downloads its setup file and it downloads to your website. You just have to click on Activate:

You can activate the plugin later or not at all to activate it. You can also use the plugin for some time and then disable it. Therefore, it will be in the group Inactive.

To view all active and inactive plugins, go to Plugins → Installed:

Activated plugins are marked with a blue background, an inactive in white. Before you delete the plugin, it must first be Deactivated.

Inactive plugins slow down WordPress?

The answer is very simple — no.

And to understand why, please read our material WordPress under the hood: the loading Order of files and functions a WordPress site.

Each time you step into your website, WordPress starts the loading process and the collection of information. And in this process, WordPress loads the code only activated plugins. Other inactive plugins are completely ignored, WordPress won’t even look their names and takes no account of their number.

Even if you have hundreds of disabled inactive plugins is no effect, your website’s performance is exactly the same as if you never even installed.

The only thingthat can affect your inactive plugins are on the download page itself Plugins → Installed inside the admin area. Logical, because to download this page I want to output the titles of all of the plugins (active and disabled).

So, if you experience difficulties in your site — you need to look in the other direction. The number of disabled plugins here exactly innocent.

Do I need to remove inactive plugins in WordPress?

There is no single answer.

In WordPress specifically provides a mechanism that first you need to disable the plugin and then delete.

This is useful if you want to temporarily disable the plugin without losing settings. It does not need to remove it, just deactivate the plugin. Then when he you need to re-activate it, and all its settings will be saved.

So, on the one hand, it makes no sense to delete inactive plugins, if you plan to use in the near future. Besides, as we found out, inactive plugins do not affect the speed of WordPress.

On the other hand, if you do not intend to use this plugin in the future, it is better to remove. There are several reasons.

First, the embedded system updates, WordPress will send you notifications for all plugins to inactive including. It can be a distraction. Why do you need to spend time and attention to the updates of the plugins that you are using?

Secondly, even inactive plugins and do not affect the speed of WordPress and just lie dormant, they can become a breach in security of the website. Any plugin is a set of PHP-code and JavaScript. Individual files of the plugin that you haven’t updated already and forgot about it, can become a tool in the hands of burglars.

In fairness it should be noted that the same applies to active the plugins have not been updated.

Therefore, our opinion is — if you no longer wish to use the plugin, delete it after disabling.

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