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To achieve success you need to create a hype before the release of products. Whether it’s an ordinary blog, a $ 10 ebook or a $35,000 Tesla Elektromashina – bit of hype can do wonders for your marketing campaign.

From the point of view of online marketing, with the release of a new website or product is to create a Coming Soon page. This will help you to gather the list of email addresses of fans in the Facebook group, followers on Twitter and then interact with them through social networking.

However, even if you are using WordPress, launch page, Coming Soon can be a daunting task without the correct plug-in. Paid plugins can be too expensive for many, so today we will tell you about a great free plugin Fancy Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode.

Fancy Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode

Fancy Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode is a WordPress plugin developed by Dev Sharma from WPKube. This is a free plugin with an optimal set of parameters to create beautiful pages for announcements of new products, as well as pages informing about the maintenance regime of the site, when you move servers, change the subject or do something else cool with your website.

To begin we take a look at the different options available in this plugin, and then consider each in more detail.

Plugin Fancy Coming Soon has the following functions:

  • Cluceneanalyzer page Coming Soon with one click from the Customizer WordPress theme
  • Change background images or use solid background
  • The ability to use custom CSS code on the page
  • Change page content without complex HTML code
  • Subscribe to the newsletter from MailChimp CTA
  • The ability to use 3 social networks to share news on the Coming Soon page or Maintenance Mode

Install and configure the plugin

To install the plug-in is very simple. You can download it from the free plugin library or install directly from the console of your WordPress site by setting the search Fancy Coming Soon:

We are now ready to configure the plugin. To begin configuration go to appearance → Customize.

Should appear your current theme. For our example, we use Twenty Sixteen. Directly beneath it needs to be Fancy Coming Soon Settings. Select this key to go to the settings of the plugin.

There you will find a list of the options available in this plugin. We will walk through everything from background settings. In the end, we’ll go to General settings and enable the Coming Soon page.

Background image and color

In the settings you can experiment with the background image and color. You can also configure other settings, as the repetition and positioning of the background.

With the WordPress theme Customizer, you can preview the screen on mobile devices. In this example, we have tried to experiment with a number of standard background colors.

Adding a logo of the website or page

Displaying the logo is important for product promotion. Most Coming Soon pages have a logo. And Fancy Coming Soon is no exception! You can upload the logo of size 80 x 80 px via the WordPress Media Uploader, and the plugin then do the work myself.

Adding content and configuring dial completion

An example of the content in the Page Content settings shows the actual size of the content that should be on the Coming Soon page. The content can be divided into 3 parts – Header, Main and Footer. You can manually change the scale indicating percentage of work completed for site maintenance.

But this plugin lacks the countdown timer or counter percent of AJAX, which is periodically synchronized with the server. Checked the percentage of work completed on the server, and information is updated in the browser user even without refreshing the page. This can be achieved with AJAX.

The countdown timer will count down the time before the scheduled date of the site public. Information will change after a page refresh.

You can always customize this page and use it as a Coming Soon or Maintenance Mode.

MailChimp Integration

Here you can configure the integration newsletter. You only need to copy the URL from the current version of the newsletter in MailChimp and paste it here. Here’s a lessonon how to do it.

You can turn off your subscription, simply leaving the MailChimp Form Action URL blank and click Save & Publish. The screenshot shows how the page would look without the subscription form for the newsletter.

Share in social networks

Already have email address and the two main social networks, but you can add LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest.

Activate Coming Soon Page

We have already discussed the functions of the plugin, but not discussed how to activate a Coming Soon or Maintenance Mode page. Go to the settings of the plugin in the theme settings in WordPress and select General. Tick the checkbox Preview Coming Soon Page. Ready! To disable this page remove the check mark.

Check download speed

It is impossible to make a survey and check the plug-in. We decided to run our favorite tool for testing and check the results.

The plugin received a score of 86 points, which is a decent result, because our site was on shared hosting, without the use of WordPress caching. The number of requests is 11, which can be reduced to 9 or 10.

The results

Fancy Coming Soon – this is a relatively new plugin in its genre on the market of WordPress, and has many advantages. It is fully responsive and has the right balance needing configuration parameters. This is a great free plugin for bloggers and digital marketers.

What do you think about this plugin? Share your opinion in the comments.

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