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Custom post types is the first step to turning your WordPress site into something professional that will stand out among competitors.

You can use custom post types to create your own unique style. And not only that. Users can easily navigate your website and find exactly what they want.

A common misconception is that for custom record types requires PHP coding. This is not so. Private record types you can create using the WordPress plugin.

What is a custom post type

Using custom record types you can create different sections on your website. If you look at the navigation bar on the web site, such as Torque, you will see links to different areas of the web site.

Each of the sections that you see above (Events, news, Interviews and others), created using custom posts types.

The problem is that WordPress comes with only two record types: “posts” and “pages”.

That’s why we need user-defined types.

How to create your own types of records

There are two main ways of creating them.

The easiest way to create a custom post type – use WordPress plugin. You do not need any coding experience and you can create them in minutes.

Another way is to code them from scratch. It is well made experts in PHP, but what if you are a novice webmaster? Creating custom record types in this way will require a lot of training hours coding PHP, before you start to create them.

Let’s use a quick and easy way with WordPress plugins.

1. Toolset Types

Types Toolset is part of a set of plug-ins Toolsetthat allows you to create important features for advanced websites. Using Toolset Types you can create your own record types, but custom fields and taxonomy.

Thanks to the integration with WPML types of sets of tools ready to use in several languages.

Finally, you can create relationships between your user generated content, which will greatly simplify content management.

And the cherry on the cake: Toolset offers you a training course on user-defined types, which consists of short videos.

2. Custom Post Type UI

Custom Post Type UI is one of the popular free plugins for custom post types with over 700 000 active installations.

This is an incredibly simple plugin to use. You can create taxonomies and post types, easily import and export your own record types, if necessary.

The only serious problem with the user interface of the user-defined record types is that it is not possible to handle the display of custom record types. You will only be able to register them.

3. Pods

Pods, as well as the plugin Toolset is the perfect option to handle all your custom needs content from custom posts types to fields, and taxonomies.

The plugin also provides the functionality for communication between posts and the ability to create advanced content types.

However, Pods suitable for the more experienced developers, since it requires some knowledge of PHP and how to create templates for those.

4. WCK – Creator of custom fields and custom record types

WordPress Creation Kit (WCK or) – another very simple plugin to create custom posts types and management.

As with most other plugins, you can create your own taxonomy. Plus it offers a professional version with even more features. You can easily organize administrator with various record types and display theme.

However, the biggest problem is the unnecessary amount of advertising that comes with the free version. If you have a bad reaction to the forced hype – free version is not for you.

Share in the comments if you already use some of these plugins. Or advise your.

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