GetSale — a useful tool for creating widgets and pop-up Windows in WordPress

For anybody not a secret that the development and maintenance of the online store is only a small part of the work on its promotion. The main objective is increase sales, increase brand awareness and increase website traffic.

New owner of the site sometimes difficult to understand the goals, sales funnels, segmentation and other tricks. And advanced webmasters prefer not to spend time on the routine.

That is why there are special services for online stores, which improve the behavioral characteristics of the site. One of such tools is what we talk today — GetSale.

GetSale offers a variety of widgets that facilitate customer communication and, ultimately, allow you to keep it on the site.

Install the plugin GetSale

To work with the plugin in WordPress you need to first register in the system GetSale, as when you activate the plugin it will ask you for an API key, which is generated in the personal Cabinet.

So, visit the site and press the green button to the right to Start work and register in the system.

After you register scroll down the home page to the bottom and the tab Integration with popular CMS select WordPress, your computer will load the archive with the plugin

I think you know what to do next. In the WordPress admin panel go to Plugins → Add new → Upload plugin and select the file you just downloaded

After activating the plugin, go to Settings → Getsale. Now you need to enter the Email and API key.

Go to my account on the website GetSale. In the new project wizard, select WordPress in the list of supported CMS. Enter the address of your site and then copy the resulting API key. Enter the API key and Email in the plugin settings, and then click Authorization.

The plugin will appear the message: “Congratulations! Your site has been successfully linked to account GetSale”

Go back to GetSale and click “I installed the plugin” to confirm the binding of the plugin to your account.

Features of the plugin

Even in the free version GetSale offers an impressive opportunity. What can this plug-in and how it will help keep website visitors and increase conversion?

Let’s start with the obvious — planning and to add goals.

Goals are actions your website visitors, which performance you’d like to track and analyze. You can specify any user action: open the home or promo page of your resource, authorization on the website, click on the button “add To cart”, fill forms and so on.

In addition, you can configure the impressions of the widget (in the dashboard) to the performance goals. For example, to offer the user a discount as soon as it has fulfilled the purpose of the “add to cart” (click the “add To cart”). These conditions allow a very spot to control the display of widgets, and to maximize their effectiveness.

The second truism — your customer need to know. GetSale allows you to view data for each visitor. Is the input source, city, country, as well as the history of visited pages.

The third secret is that nothing can replace live communication. GetSale will help here: the website can be equipped with callback to a widget, which allows you to instantly connect the visitor with the Manager.

The essence of segmentation is the possibility of non-obvious selection of audience groups (splitting visitors into segments).

Why so much attention is paid to segmentation? The answer is obvious: for every user action or set of actions, we need a custom widget that can surprise the visitor with an unexpected proposal — to offer personal discounts, to give membership in the club, etc.

Acting blindly, to achieve such a result will not work, because only an individual approach will help to build a relationship of trust between client and seller — so you are more likely to engage site visitors in the sales funnel.

In addition, with widgets you can “pressurize” the so-called “hot clients”. If the visitors spent on the website long enough already looked at a number of products, chose some items, placing them in the basket, read the information about delivery, etc. But not make a purchase. Such clients needed to be encouraged to take action:

In this case as a trigger for displaying the widget does not use segmentation, and the implementation of visitor desired goals (adding to cart, filling out order forms, and so on). With widgets we are working to expand sales funnel to its narrow spaces.

Example usage

Consider the situation on a concrete example.

Let’s say you have a website selling tours and you decided to “catch the tail” of all those watching tours to Greece. The visitor looked round for Greece, which urgently need to sell, but something did not suit him, and he was going to leave the page. At this point you show him a widget, configured to show when leaving a page. In the widget offer a discount on a purchase right now.

In the service GetSale has the widest display setting of the widgets. You can customize the appearance of the widget at any place.

Example: motivation for immediate purchase. Assume that the visitor has not yet put a product to the cart, and immediately began studying the information about shipping. It’s the perfect time to show him the widget with the information that today only delivery is free of charge. On the widget you place the promo code that you will need to enter at checkout:

You can offer a motivation for action not only in the present but also to do the groundwork for the future. Offer bonuses for your next purchase in exchange for e-mail. According to data collected by e-mail swipe a notification about the upcoming discounts. Further, rate ratio, rate of returns and the number of purchases.

How to do

Chasing the visitors with widgets throughout the site, you will only cause irritation and leaving your site. This irritant may be, for example, a widget displayed on the entire screen when you first visit. The visitor has not had time to read the contents of the website, when he is shown the widget, overriding the entire page content.

It is no secret that the constant, loyal audience is the key to success and prosperity of any business. Judicious use of widgets will easily help to create your loyal audience. Loyal customers, loyal to the brand and interested in future purchases from you, and good behavioral factors of the site — the success of the enterprise.

These tasks will help to solve service GetSale with widgets.

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