Great review of the best SEO plugins for WordPress

One of the reasons why webmasters and bloggers are so fond of WordPress is its open source code and the ability to adapt the platform to fit a variety of needs. In addition, you have got more than 100 thousand of plugins and themes design, which makes this engine the best on the planet. In this post we will focus on search engine optimization for WordPress. We have compiled a list of the most popular and effective plugins for SEO that you can use in WordPress. Most of the following plugins free of charge and some you have to pay.

Before we begin, I would like to note that each of these plugins has its own specific challenges and its own specific use, so decide which one meets your needs and fits your website. So, let’s start.

WordPress SEO from Yoast

Before you is one of the best free search engine optimization plugins for WordPress. If you don’t believe you can Google on request “WordPress SEO”: search results speak for themselves. I can recommend this pluigin because it solves most of the tasks of search engine optimization that you will need to decide on your website — all for free!

The number of downloads of this plugin has already exceeded $ 3.42 million times, an average rating is 4.5, so I advise you to read the full manual for this plugin or visit the website Yoast for a detailed study of the possibilities of this tool.

All In One SEO Pack

And this is the best competitor for the previous plugin. He has 13 million downloads and ratings from 3.8/5. It has additional options, including professional paid version on a monthly subscription basis.

All prices and terms of work with the plugin you can specify here.

If you can’t decide which of the 2 plugins is suitable for you, read our detailed comparison.

Scribe SEO

Scribe SEO is one of the best premium solutions in terms of search engine optimization. Its author was the company Copyblogger Media, and this is the best plugin for serious business on the market. In the most popular configuration, it will cost you monthly 97 USD. They also have the opportunity to order a trial version for 30 days with guaranteed money back.

Schema Creator from Raven

If you are familiar with rich-content web resources and want to optimize such media content according to the standards and requirements of the SERPs, you’ll like this plugin. It simple to integrate and adapt to any website thanks to the micro-data from on any page in any post.

Vibe Seo Pack

About this plugin there are many references and positive feedback. The authors say that their plugin provides SEO audit posts and emphasizes what changes should make in the post to get the best results in terms of search engine optimization. This is not possible from the plugin from Yoast. Vibe SEO also provided with documentation and practical guides for users on the website of the developer. If you are inclined to experiment, then go ahead — try this plugin.

Local Search SEO Contact Page

This small plugin is just an excellent solution for beginners in matters of search engine optimization for WordPress. It displays business information and adds these types of data as QR codes, business cards, hCard/vCard, Google map data, geo-tags and social media buttons and much more. Your customers will love the results of this plugin on the search results pages.

Google XML Sitemap

The 9.4 million users who have already downloaded this plug-in can’t be wrong. Google XML Sitemaps is a plugin that should be mandatory: it generates site map in XML files and allow these files search robots from Google, Bing and Yahoo, which significantly improves the indexing of your website.

Google XML Sitemap for images

The author of this plugin Amit Agarwal, and the plugin is a great tool for creating maps in XML format for all images on your website. This is one of the most effective and flexible tools for search engine optimization of images on websites.

SEO Friendly Images

The number of downloads of this plugin is close to 1 million, and it is one of the important tools of search engine optimization for any website based on WordPress. SEO Friendly Images fills / fixes all the tags and alternative text to your images on the site allows the search engines to index them correctly and in full.

Google XML Sitemap for videos

Another cool plugin with which you can create a map of all videos on the website in XML file format. Don’t need this plugin only for those who have no site videos.

SEO Smart Links

Domestic and cross-references is extremely important for the content on your website to achieve good results in search engine optimization. The author of this plugin Vladimir Prelovac, and the plugin allows you to create and organize the internal links (including complex custom algorithms), thus improving the level of search engine optimization of your website in General. One of the essential plug-ins for those who are seriously engaged in search engine optimization.

WordPress Video SEO

Yes, you read that right, after reading the title. The author of this plugin also Yoast and this plugin — also for video. If you have lots of videos, tutorials, etc. — starting from 69 USD per month, you will be able to ensure correct optimization and search engine optimization for this website using this plugin.


This plugin is just devastating potential. You can control almost any incoming link to your website in order to increase the efficacy of search terms and incoming links customize “akradecki” links and search queries to specific landing pages, links, themes, products. Compatibility this plugin is guaranteed for versions of WordPress up to 3.4.2. Hope the plugin will soon be updated.

SEO Content Control

From proper search engine promotion and optimization depends on only half of your success. Else “decides” the content: as a reader, I prefer to return only to those sites where the content is interesting to me. This plugin allows you to track posts, lacking content, and edit it.


You thought we will leave aside one of the “revolutionaries” in a world of consumption and distribution of Internet content? There it was: optimizing for social networks is no less important than usual to optimize for search engines. Team Zuckerberg has tried, has teamed up with Automattic Inc and even some enthusiasts — and in the end we get a plugin that will help you to get traffic from the world’s most popular social network.

Clicky from Yoast

With this handy plugin you can integrate analytical tools from in your website. It can be used in real time to track clicks of users on the site from any point on Earth. This will help you in the analysis and mapping of clicks on the website to optimize for the queries and the actions of visitors.

Google Analyticator

If you like and require serious analysis, you should pay attention to this plugin. It includes several widgets for displaying Analytics (including top referrals, top pages, most popular incoming organic keywords, and queries, etc.) in your admin Panel in your blog.


Of course, this list is not built solely on the basis of the importance and significance taken separately plugins for WordPress in terms of SEO organization; but we have included the most interesting, famous and used plugins. Which one to choose depends on you and your goals that you set in the SEO process. Don’t forget that small differences in functionality can mean a lot for the growth of the search performance of your website.

Installing plug-ins, be careful with their settings, watch how they work out. Can be something small – you miss a tick, and the result page will be closed from indexation or, for example, there will be duplicate pages.

All of the plugins that were listed in this post (except for Redirection), which is compatible with WordPress 3.5. If you think we missed something, then add your own tips and options plugins for search engine optimization in the comments.

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