How to create a website for yourself?

If you are only planning to make a website, but you don’t have a serious budget, you should start to do everything yourself. It’s not as difficult as it seems.

Let’s start with the choice of the control system for the site. If you need a news website, not an online store, as the engine choose any of the easy and simple admin panels — WordPress, Joomla or MotoCMS HTML. Each of these systems allows you to make sites of varying complexity, but to add functionality in WordPress and Joomla need to install additional plugins and modules, and in This everything is already there.

It should be noted that, by and large, This is the most appropriate tool for beginners.

Working with her easier, all the instruments are simple and visually understandable. In case you choose MotoCMS HTML you will be receiving a template — ready design.

Working with templates for rapid site creation is very good option. You initially see how will your site. There are no nasty surprises, the pattern is quickly established and, in fact, having an engine and a template — do you already have a website. After creating this framework, you are filling your website with articles.

Another important component to run a website from scratch will be the domain name and hosting. Because your resource needs somewhere to stay? If the site is small and you don’t need a lot of memory on the server — that is fine, simple fare, it is always possible to change to a more advanced.

For the name of your site, choose a short and sonorous name, for the customers to be easy to remember him. Of course, the name should be associated with the subject site and associated with it.

We have prepared several options of templates for different admin panels, with their help you will be very easy to quickly create a beautiful and functional website from scratch:

WordPress templates:

Joomla templates:

MotoCMS 3.0 templates:

MotoCMS HTML templates:

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