How to create a website from scratch?

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If you want to create a website from scratch, you need to understand that this process is quite time-consuming. Anyone who wanted to create their own website, had its definite purpose, and ideas. One need a website for their identification in the network, and the other for earnings.

Initially, you need to choose the topic for the web project. If the idea is already fully formed, then you work much easier. It is best to try to look at the sites of similar subjects to understand in the right direction you’re moving. Once you have ascertained that your idea is no worse than those already implemented, proceed to search for solutions.

There are plenty of options of creating the site. The simplest of them, but not less quality — templates of sites.

Would not have these solutions you’d have:

    1. To learn HTML.

Is a markup language, without which no cost, no website. The HTML language is and buttons on website pages, and various forms, tables, etc.

    1. Know a little JavaScript.

And maybe even thoroughly. This is also a special language that helps to create lists and much more.

    1. PHP.

Another programming language for creating dynamic pages of the site and its various features.

    1. CSS.

Table styles, which in interaction with HTML is responsible for the clearance of tekstovoj of the site.

    1. MySQL.

Database where information is stored, which can be very quickly call for the correct operation of the website.

Templates allow you to ignore the study of these difficult Sciences. And the sites work is still beautiful and productive.



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