How to create a website on WordPress?

Working with WordPress is very simple. In admin panel you can create, edit, and delete all the files and even the site itself. So to move your website to another hosting, the same will not cause difficulties.

Is it possible to make a website on WordPress?

Create a website using WordPress template for a few minutes. And most importantly, that everything is simple and clear even to those who for the first time will work with WordPress. So, goes the official WordPress website.

  1. On the main page you will see the title on the free website creation on WordPress. With this you can choose the design for the future of the web-resource from hundreds of templates. And most importantly, that the website will be compatible with all mobile devices, which is very important, as most of the users visits the sites through mobile phones and tablets.
  2. Click to Create the site. You get to the page where you can link your website to the domain (the site name must be entered in the browser).

What will offer you to do in step 2 to create a site on WordPress? And offer options the name of the future website.

It can be free or paid domains. Just stick to the free version. Choosing a free version of your domain, it is assigned the address of the WordPress platform.

Specify the desired name for your website in the search bar and the platform or create a domain or if it is already busy, will offer options. For example, as in the screenshot below:

Select the most suitable domain, and click Choose.

A new page will open where to choose the tariff plan. Again, choose the free option.

On the next page, fill form fields and create an account.

Next, you need to confirm the registration. You at that email will be sent with confirmation of registration. Click the link in the email to confirm your registration. Actually everything!

Click to Configure your website and fill it with all necessary information.

How to copy a WordPress site to another domain?

With even the most modern website, you often have to make some adjustments and new features. This is all a little editing, but it does happen and on a larger scale. For example, the transfer resource to the new domain.

The steps of transferring a site to another domain

    1. Register a new domain

Before you take up a site, create a new domain. Only after the registration and assigning a new domain can be safely taken for the backup of the old site.

    1. Create a backup of database and files

To make database backup using PHPMyAdmin. This utility allows you to quickly get a database backup of the website and save it on PC, but also export.
You also need to make a copy of the website files. To do this, use any FTP client. All you need to do so as a result of failure, to restore the site to its initial appearance.

    1. Download file archive of the old web resource on the new domain

To transfer information from PC to a new site conveniently by FTP Protocol and programs such as Total Commander or FileZilla.

  1. Copy the database dump
  2. The change in internal absolute links
  3. Open the database dump using the code editor and replace the old address with the new one.
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