How to create an online store on WordPress?

Online shop on the engine WordPress — this is by far the best solution. This is particularly appropriate if you first create a shopping site. WordPress + WooCommerce plugin together to create a very successful online store with all the necessary trading functions.

Why WordPress?

Want to create an online store on WordPress, which will be useful for the implementation of a small group of products? Then WordPress will be a great platform to realize these goals.

WordPress is a very user-friendly engine. However, if you online shop with a thousand range, then the CMS can not cope with this load. But for a store with several hundred products WordPress can work, though successfully.

Which plugin to choose for your online store?

Online store for WordPress is a plugin with a specific functionality needed for shop work. Namely:

  • basket;
  • shipping options;
  • payment modules;
  • personal account;
  • reviews;
  • comparison of goods and so on.

There are only a few widely used plugins for the stores:

  • WooCommerce;
  • WP e-Commerce;
  • Jigoshop.

The plug-ins are similar to each other. But next, consider creating an online store using the plugin WooCommerce. It is most often used for these purposes, so it will stop.

How to install the plug-in store on online?

Install the plugin WooCommerce is no more difficult than installing any normal plugin. It is desirable to put the online shop on the new site, but actually install it on any current.

  • To install the WooCommerce plugin from the admin panel or download it from the official WordPress website. At the end of installation you will be asked to confirm the creation of several new, but useful for an online store pages. Confirm.
  • After installation, in the settings of WooCommerce select country and currency.

It is important to install additional plug – Cyr to Lat enhanced or Cyr-to-Lat for the correct transliteration of Cyrillic links and to configure once, after installation of WC, permalinks.

Visual setup an online store WooCommerce

Online store and its appearance

The main difference between an online store from a blog, that’s how important it is to not text and images. Therefore, it is important to choose high-quality, intriguing, and most importantly, unique images.

Home online store

The page that first opens the visitor, called the principal. It should be not only the most attractive but also clear and, at the same time, comfortable.

Consider in detail view of your main page. Customers from the first sight must understand where and what to be, and also how to navigate to a particular section.

Section of shipping and payment

A very important part of the online store. Carefully describe all the terms of payment and delivery. If you have multiple shipping methods, describe them all.

The Contacts Section

The client should be able to get on the website all the contacts to contact you. Ideally, add more and the feedback Form, as well as the possibility of a call Back. All this can be implemented using additional WordPress plugins.

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