How to disable comments in WordPress?

One of the common issues that users asked about the comment system of WordPress is the removal of the comment section from the pages of the website. This is a good feature, but not for all types of sites. You can restrict the placement of comments in WordPress:

on one page

— multiple pages

— on the publications page.

Where it is possible to restrict adding reviews?

There are times when you want to disable comment in WordPress pages, not the entire site, and, for example, one or more of them. How to disable comments in WordPress:

Disable comments on a single page.

1. Go to the adminpanel and choose page where you want to disable comments.

2. Navigate to the setup screen and uncheck the box next to Discussion.

3. Now scroll down and find the section of Discussion. Uncheck Allow comments.

4. Hit Publish/update.

Disable comments on multiple pages.

If you want to disable comments on more than one page, you can use the option bulk edit.

1. Go to control panel->Pages->All pages.

2. Check the pages that you want to forbid to leave comments.

3. Go to the tab setup screen and uncheck the box next to the options Discussion.

4. Click Apply.

Disable comments to the posts.

To limit the opportunity to comment on the publication, you must:

1. Log into your WordPress admin panel and open Settings->Discussion.

2. Then remove the checkbox highlighted in the image below functions.

3. Make sure that comments are turned off.


WordPress allows you not only to customize the site, given its vision, but also gives the ability to manage the resource. So, if necessary, you can restrict the ability for users to leave comments either on one page or on several, or after certain publications. Whatever the task before you is not standing, with WordPress everything is possible!

You not only get a functional website, but also a wide functionality which allows to manage the website in full. Even the smallest details, such as comments, you can customize on your own.

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