How to disable extra or unnecessary widgets in the admin panel on WordPress

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You can manage all widgets in the WordPress admin menu in appearance → Widgets, this is not news. The problem is that even the standard widgets out there very much. More than you ever might need. As well as installing new plugins or heavy themes the widgets list gets too big.

This small tutorial will show you how you can hide from the eyes of the superfluous or useless widgets, so that they do not abuse your admin panel when setting up the theme. Let’s get started!

Plugin WP Widget Disable

To hide unwanted widgets in the WordPress admin, you can use the handy and free plugin WP Widget Disable:

Download and install this plugin. After activation you will have a new menu in appearance → Widgets Disable:

Configure the plugin simple. At the top there are 2 main tabs:

  • Sidebar Widgets (widgets for sidebar from the menu appearance → Widgets, and they were discussed)
  • Dashboard Widgets (widgets that are displayed on the Console → Home)

Just please check for all the “extra” widgets, and they will disappear from the menu appearance → Widgets:

Before / After

As for system widgets on the home page of the Console, they can also be removed with this plugin.

Of course, you can just open the “screen options” in the upper right corner and disable all unnecessary it without a plugin.

But that won’t stop your other users admin access again to the Settings screen and return all the widgets back.

So using the WP Widget Disable , you can remove all the widgets finally, so they don’t appear even in the settings screen.

Just go to plugin settings, switch to the tab Dashboard Widgets , and disable everything “extra” widgets.

Then your main Console page will no widgets, and even in the Settings screen will be empty:

That’s it! We showed you a very easy way how to get rid of unnecessary widgets in the WordPress admin for the page settings, Sidebar and main page of the Console.

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