How to install multiple WordPress plugins simultaneously

If you are among those, who sets the monthly collection of plugins for WordPress, and you are tired of the boring process of installing each of them, then you have a very simple solution to this problem is just one plug that everything is much easier.

Using one of the plug-in Wp Favs is possible to make a list required to install plugins and upload them simultaneously or in a few clicks. Sounds tempting, isn’t it? But how it actually works?

Plugin Wp Favs

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The first thing we need to install the plugin on the desired website on WordPress.

After installation, go to Tools → Wp Favs and you will see the following:

As you can see, we have two options:

  1. You can enter your API key (which we’ll discuss later) to add plugins to the list.
  2. You can view an existing template WP Favs with a selection of desired plugins on the website and use the quick access.

In any case, after the download is complete, you will receive detailed information about Wp Fav, including a description from the author of the created list and the plugins added to it. If you are satisfied, click on “Download list”.

This field displays the full list of plugins from which you can select the one you need for installation and activation. You can download them one by one or all together by selecting the desired function from the drop-down list.

In that plugin list you will see the latest version of the plugin in the wordpress library, the date of its last update and the status of the plugin on your website.

After starting the installation process, all checked plugins will be loaded from the WordPress library and then change their status to inactive (installed but not yet activated).

Website Wp Favs

Let’s focus on how to create your own template in Wp Favs. The first thing you need to create a new account. The password will be sent to your email as you would with any other WordPress site. Or you can register and login through your account

After the first login, you will receive another email with a new API key that can be used together with the plugin.

Create a list of Wp plugins Fav

In order to create a list of plugins, go to “My Wp Favs” and click on “Create a Wp Fav”. You will see the following:

The above example illustrates the creation of a list for the client. After entering all data of the selected private access. This means that other users will not be able to view it.

After we saved the list, add a few plugins. To do this, go to “Search plugins” and enter the names of those that you need. When you found, click on the heart icon right next to the name of the plugin and the name of the list to which you want to add a plugin.

That’s all!

If you’ll go back to the plugin and use your API key, you will get a new list with all the plugins. Really, cool?

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