How to translate a WordPress theme?

WordPress theme is a package of php, css, js files which are compatible with WordPress CMS and plugins to the system. Their joint work and the database access gives you the ability to display information in a convenient and attractive way.

Surely everyone has seen at least once in life with plug-ins and themes that were in English. In these cases, the question immediately arises, “How can they be translated into Russian or another language?” Therefore, below we consider how to translate a WordPress template.

How to translate a WordPress theme?

In order to translate WordPress I suggest to use the plugin Codestyling Localization. Why? It is intuitive and simple to work with. In addition, they can how to make a new translation or edit existing one. For better understanding of a process, divide the translation of WordPress themes on the stages.

Download, install and activate the plugin to translate:

  1. Need to download the plugin Codestyling Localization.
  2. Perform the installation and activation of the plugin. There’s nothing complicated, everything is clear according to the prompts.

The choice of the object for translation

    1. Go To Tools-Localization.

  1. Tab Themes, if you need to translate the theme of your site. If necessary, translate the plugin, go to Plugins.

The choice of language for translation and translation topics

    1. After the transition section will be a list of themes or plugins (that select). Click to Add a new language next to the desired plugin or theme.

    1. In the list of languages, select on which you want to translate and hit Create po-file.

    1. Further, in the selected language, click Scan. In the window that appears, again click on Scanand after the scan is Complete.

    1. Then click on the icon to Edit.

    1. On the page that appears, select again to Edit.

    1. Page appears with two Windows where you will see the original text and its translation. If the translation is right for you, click Save & Next.

    1. After all the lines, click on the Generate mo-file.

Once you do, the transfer will work. It was the last stage of settings of translated WordPress themes.

Working on WordPress is very easy to use and understand, and the translation of the plugins and templates is straightforward. Understandable interface allows you to work with template settings and professionals and beginners. This not only helps to create a quality website, but also to save on specialists to configure and manage the site. If you want to create and manage your website, then WordPress is exactly what will help you to realize your desires.

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